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Mommy-Daughter Day

10 October 2009

The Zoo!  Ellie Graye and I went to the Oregon Zoo today…although we nearly left after pulling into the parking lot and driving around for 20 minutes and finding not a single spot!  I finally followed a lady to her car and held my ground while cars all around me honked!  It was a nut-house (I almost said it was a zoo, but…), and if it had been a situation that wasn’t so kid-centric, I would have flipped more than one person off!  People are just so damn annoying and impatient! Argh! I nearly pulled my camera out and started snapping pictures of the mayhem of the parking lot, but figured that the mom in the mini-van behind me would REALLY start honking at that point!

Parking lot insanity aside, it was the first trip to the zoo that EG actually appreciated!  Her little brain is finally able to recognize the animals as animals, and not just moving colors!  I set a direct course to the primates, thinking she would love them…but, of course, her favorite animals were the farm animals.  She couldn’t care less about the monkeys!
For me, I am always enthralled with the Asian Elephants. They’re such huge but gentle animals, and, of course, seeing the baby is always a treat!  I have a fondness for animals who have bonds with their trainers, and appreciate seeing the friendship between the two.  Thus, it was extra special to see them all working together!
Animal and Trainer
The elephant is carrying the shovel for the guy who’s his Super Duper Pooper Scooper!
Going for a walk! The baby, Samudra, was born at the Oregon Zoo in August of 2008.
Being at the zoo with Ellie Graye, pointing out the different animals brought back so many memories of zoos and museums around the country and around the world that I have visited with the many different toddlers I’ve cared for.  Talula (Patrick Dempsey’s baby girl) always loved the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, as well as the La Brea Tar Pits.  We did our best to hit one of them up at least once a week!  For Rocco, he REALLY loved the Science Museum in London.  So, ok, yeah, I admit – I miss their little voices, their little feet, and those fingers reaching into my hand to pull me down and ask, “Melissers – what’s THAT???”  I’m so glad that Ellie is FINALLY at an age where she can actually start interacting with her surroundings and enjoy new experiences and participate in activities. I’d WAY rather take the exhaustion from running after a 14 month old than stare at a 5 month old baby any day!
Just waking up!

Looking at the ducks!

It’s now 1 am, and I just got back from an awesome dinner with the girls, and then a wacko pub/shuffle board night with my brothers…I have photos from earlier in the day, but those will have to wait until Saturday (click here).  I love my husband for taking the baby tonight and tomorrow morning so I can have a break! What a gem! Will post more once I wake up from my coma!


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  1. you posted after dinner last night? crazy girl! so we need to get you some minutes on the shuffle board for our next visit to the Pub 😉
    had a great night and see ya soon…like in LA on Thursday!!!

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