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Photos from Friday, October 9

10 October 2009

Look! Victor is working in the garden!!!

I’m going to go help!

Almost to the gate! I’m coming to help, Victor!

These tomatillos should be picked

Yeah, I think they’re ripe!

Hmmm, I think this cucumber needs to be planted…

This is harder than it looks!!!

Look, Mom! I can blow a dandelion!

Look, Ellie! Elote!

Would you like some?

Here are two – just for you!

Ok! Let’s take these to the kitchen!


They look mighty delicious…maybe we should just eat them here!

Oh! I’m so glad I waited!

These are so delicious cooked!

I’d better hurry before someone takes them!

The fall colors in our driveway!


This pool cover is so fun!!!

Mommy and baby tractors – with Victor

With Melissa!


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