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I'm Back!

19 October 2009

Even with the best intentions, I just couldn’t manage to find the time to put up more than the one post while I was in Los Angeles…I’m not sure I can consolidate a jam-packed weekend into a short blog, but I’ll try!

Friday I was able to meet up with my dear friend Lace.  We had met when we were working with William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman years ago, and then in 2007, we traveled together for a few weeks to Australia and had an amazing time.  We had lunch at the Farm at the Grove – and caught up on each other’s lives.  I am bummed I didn’t remember to take a quick photo with her, but oh well.  
The evening was spent at the Avalon Hotel at what used to be Blue on Blue, but is now Oliverio (much to my disappointment, as I was CRAVING the Blue on Blue hamburger)!  My friends Katie, Kia Jam, Erin Cummings, and Joe joined Amy and I for a few nibbles and awesome cocktails made by one of the best friends and certainly the best bartender in Los Angeles – Ian Porter.  It was so awesome to have some time with everyone.  I hadn’t seen Kia in YEARS, so it was extra special to see him and catch up.  It seems like whenever I’ve been in town, he’s always out of town working on his movies.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera along, so I was unable to grab any photos!
After the Avalon, we headed to downtown to pick up the George, Gina and Lucy bags that Amy and I volunteered to deliver to a few of my former celebrity clients and friends.  The box was supposed to be shipped to the Sheraton Hotel, but the package had a COD on it, and so the hotel wouldn’t accept it…so we had to wait until 8:30 pm to go pick it up at the UPS hub next to the Brewery where my brother Jake used to live.  When we saw the box behind the counter, we about fell over.  It was HUGE (Amy has a photo, but she hasn’t sent it to me yet).  Thank goodness I had rented an SUV, because we had to put the seats down even in a Jeep!  Amy and I could NOT wait to open them, so we hopped on over to the Brewery and knocked on a few doors of friends to see if anyone was home…Mark Concha was! He was more than I little shocked to see his “little sister” standing outside his door at 9:30 in the evening.  His girlfriend Sasha was there too!  It was so awesome to see them, even if haphazardly…we got all the bags out of the box, and marveled at how beautiful they are
After oooooh-ing and awwww-ing and drooling over the bags, we said good-bye to Mark and Sasha and headed over  to our friend Chris’ loft in the heart of downtown.  We met at Broadway Bar for a quick drink, and then walked to his place – and WOW! It’s amazing.  He truly has created art through his interior design, and it just blew me away! Gina and Renee joined us as well!

The girls hanging out…

Renee Spying

Chris taking a turn!

Chris is always fooling around!

Three hotties and someone in the back 🙂

Beauties and the Goof

Three of my best friends ever!
Saturday was extremely productive with Amy and I delivering George, Gina and Lucy bags  – the bags really are kick ass!  When Madonna’s estate manager/security guard Hugo asked, “So are they nice?”  There wasn’t even the slightest hesitation when I burst out – “They’re HOT!!!”  I do wish I had taken more photos of them…but the website has them all…we gave my friend Erin Cummings the Missy Missile – and she posted this picture on her twitter page.   Erin is one of the three leads in the movie Bitch Slap, and will also be seen in the upcoming show Spartacus on Starz – she plays his wife!  We’re hoping we can catch a picture of her on the red carpet carrying her fabulous new gift! Reese Witherspoon, Madonna, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, Felicity Huffman and Erin Cummings are now all sporting different styles of GGL bags!  If you want more information – just email me or visit their website!
Erin at Renee’s house picking out her bag!

After a bit of shopping and showing Amy around Los Angeles – I headed to the Avalon again to visit Ian.  I hadn’t spent any time with him at all on Friday night, and was missing him like crazy!  Then it was back to Renee’s and off to her friends’ party in the Hollywood Hills.  There I got to see Carrie and Jessica – and have more than a few martinis…nothing like an open bar! A great time was had by all!  Sunday we crawled out of bed, and headed to the airport.  As we walked through the airport, we heard a lady calling:
“Excuse me, Girls? Excuse me?”
We turned around to see a lady and her daughter running towards us.
“Where in the world did you get those beautiful bags?”
“Well, here’s the story,” I said, and proceeded to tell her all about these amazing German bags by George, Gina, and Lucy.
See. I told you they’re hot! People are chasing after them! They’re the next hot item, I’m telling you!
Jeffrey, my mother-in-law, and Ellie Graye met Amy and I at the Portland airport.  After dropping Amy off at her house, we headed over to our real estate agent’s to make an appearance at a party she was having.  Ellie Graye loved the backyard which is right on the Tualatin River, and Jeffrey snapped these amazing photos of her!
Mommy and Ellie Sitting on Bench

Looking for “patos” (ducks) on the Tualatin River

Today, it was back to the grindstone.  Swimming, horses, garden, and fall gathering.  The leaves are just beautiful right now, and I had not yet collected branches for decor for Thanksgiving – one more day, and I think the wind will have carried most of them away!

Old life / New life – leaves and crimson clover

The view up our driveway

The shop

Jeffrey and his mother left for California at about 7, so it’s back to reality, back to work, back to blogging!

Victor and Ellie Graye walking to the vegetable garden

Lorena (Nana) was there too!

Another huge spider

Some of my dahlias

She loves my paddock boots – in fact, she would NOT take them off! 


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