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Halloween Party PHOTOS

31 October 2009
The all necessary sign…
The bats hanging from the ceiling
Black light Angel Ghost
Colin came to help out for an hour or two! Jake and he finished the seating around the firepit!
I felt as tired as I look! 🙂
Making scary face…
Silly Mommy….
Hugs are better!
Hanging our glowing ghosts over the walkway…
Yes, I’m in my petticoat…
Cold garden bench
Chinese lanterns everywhere….
The front patio….
The spooky doorway adornment
Victor fixing some of the driveway lights…
The Papen Family Cock welcoming guests….
Every thing lit and set….
Lorena keeps me sane and is an amazing second set of hands…

and Victor keeps us laughing!
Last minute preparations in the kitchen before putting on my dress!
Popeye and Olive Oil (Tim and Pilar) — Our co-hosts!
Such a cute couple; Such great friends!
Men in the kitchen
Uh oh.  Music issues…
Surveying the bar…
Spooky Skulls

Belle and Lumiere – costumes created by my amazingly talented mother…
Jeffrey’s grand entrance!
Bill – our favorite neighbor
Bill, Maribeth and Elyse…the best neighbors!
Bill and his son-in-law Keith. LOVE IT
The cops showed up……..
Mr. Green from Clue
Mrs. White from Clue
Wicked friends 🙂
I think I was in trouble for something!!!!
After almost everyone left, we sat by the fire in the rain!!!

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  1. papen's,
    the best party ever…and i've already begun to strategize next years costume!!!

  2. WOW! Those pics are awesome!!

    Happy Halloween!!

    Hi! I'm visiting from MBC! Great blog.

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