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The Day in Photos

11 November 2009

This morning while I fed the horses, EG entertained herself with her favorite, favorite, favorite book
Jeffrey and I are often heard reciting the book as we drive with Miss EG
Little Miss Sporty
Banana Cake before it headed into the oven (don’t worry, I cleaned up the edges!)
Banana Cakes cooling
Pumpkin Pie Bread made from…
….the pumpkin puree I roasted on Sunday!
Pumpkin Seeds to be cleaned
Clean pumpkin seeds waiting to be dried, then roasted! YUMMMY SCRUMMY!
Two more pumpkins prepped for roasting…I’m currently waiting for them to cool so that I can scrape the flesh out for pumpkin puree.  They probably wouldn’t have lasted another day since their stems had fallen off, so I HAD to roast them today or risk wasting all that nutritional goodness! I’m thinking pumpkin cheesecake!
Today was a bottling day
Straining the Blackberry Vodka. I love that I caught a drip mid-fall
Wild Plum, Spiced Plum, Cucumber, Rhubarb, Asian Pear, and Blackberry.  Tomorrow? Probably Ranier Cherry, Spiced Apple, Plain Apple, Pear, Wild Cherry and the rest of the Wild Plum.
I seriously can’t stand the cuteness!!!!
After taking a shower with me, she insisted on this dress that the Athertons gave her for her 1st birthday!


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