12 November 2009
Many of you have asked about how Frank is doing.  I’m glad to report that while he’s not out of the woods yet, he’s doing ok.  Right now, I’ll take OK.  Seems that Frank is just like me – complicated.  His fecal tests came back from OSU and were normal.  This is a good thing as it confirms that there are no parasites.  He’s on a worming program, so it would have been highly surprising if he had something crawling around in there, but you never know.  His manure goes from loose to sorta-kinda-normal looking back to loose which is frustrating.  He’s doing better today, aside from being completely and utterly hyper-energetic – he was tearing around his run all day!  The footing is so bad around the property right now, that I can’t take them out for hand walks – I’d be slipping and sliding, especially with Frank in the state he’s in.  I’m hoping that things will dry up a bit by next week so I can get some use out of the round pen!

Surveying his kingdom

His kingdom!

Big Horse – Little Beagle

In case you’re curious, I did do some canning today in order to use up the pounds and pounds of ripe tomatoes…I tried my hand at barbeque sauce, and I’m not so sure I’ll do it again.  It’s a mountain of effort for hardly any reward.
Just four jars of BBQ sauce

It tastes good (not great) – but I’m thinking I have better things to be doing with my time – like playing with my beautiful little girl!

Ellie helping mommy in the kitchen

She apparently needed all 20 spoons from her drawer to get the job done

I love finding the remnants of spring in the fall…

The driveway at dusk

The view from our front field – that hill in the distance is a state park

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