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Coo-Coo Pumpkin Crack Addict and The Dempsey’s Green Bean

16 November 2009
“Coo-Coo Crack Addict” – THAT is how Jeffrey describes himself in relation to the pumpkin pancakes I made Saturday morning.  I love it, love it, love it!  He took a whole stack of them down to San Jose with him today – and apparently only has one left.
there’s nothing like homemade pumpkin pancakes made with homegrown, fresh pumpkin!
My Coo-Coo Pumpkin-Pancake Crack Addict husband has been my #1 supporter for quite a while now – and even when I’ve done things that aren’t exactly smart…like once when I was working for Patrick Dempsey…………
Having just met Jeffrey , and still desperately wanting to see each other as much as possible, we were constantly figuring out ways to meet up even during work hours.  As a nanny, this was pretty easy: T-loo and I would go to lunch; Jeffrey would meet us there.  T-loo and I would go to the park; Jeffrey would meet us there.  One of Talula’s favorite parks was near where Jeffrey was working, and it was an easy walk for him to visit.  So on this particular day, T and I headed out to play, parking the Dempsey’s car on La Cienega Blvd.  I paid my meter, and recorded when I would need to return to feed it.  Hand in hand, Talula and I made the trek over to the play structure and soon Jeffrey walked up and sat with me as we watch all the kids playing and doing the things kids do at a park.  Time went by quickly, and glancing at my watch, I exclaimed, “OH DEAR! We need to go!”  It was 4:05 and my meter expired in 5 minutes.  I hurriedly gathered T’s toys and swooshed her up into my arms.  We jaunted over to the corner, and glanced up, half expecting the meter maid to be writing a ticket. But there was no meter maid; in fact, there was no car.  I looked at Jeffrey –
“Um. The Rover used to be right there.” Panic set in. “Oh my god, what am I going to do???” I stared at the street sign.
“NO PARKING 4 – 7 pm Tuesdays” CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!
Talula started crying.
“Where’s the Green Bean????” she hollered, asking about her favorite car.  With a knot in my stomach and tears in my eyes, I made the call to my employer.
“So, Um. Yeah. Your nanny is an idiot.”
After much worry, stress, embarrassment and complications, Jeffrey headed back to his office.  T and I waited on the street corner for mommy to come pick us up in her car, and we headed down to Beverly Hills City Hall to pay the $150 ticket.  Jeffrey met me there.
“So, um, this is my good friend Jeffrey. He works up the street from here.” I gave no mention that he had been with me at the park.
“HEY JEFFREY!!!!!!!!!” Talula blurted out.
“Nice to meet you,” Jeffrey responded, dutifully guarding that we had just seen each other.
T went home with her mommy, and my future husband and I braved the traffic to Santa Monica Impound Lot to retrieve the Dempsey’s car.  That, my friends, is a good man…I didn’t lose my job, but you better believe I never lived it down.
It was the constant joke: “Have fun at the park, but PLEASE don’t get the car towed!” I’d always turn bright, bright, blotchy red in embarrassment, and leave as quickly as possible with the sound of their laughter and giggles following me! I think I might even be blushing as I write this!!! 

Oh, and one last thing…after having met Jeffrey at BH City Hall, Jill asked me, “So, hey, why don’t you date him?” And then she caught herself and said, “Oh, wait. Is he gay? Yeah, he’s probably gay! He’s way too fit and well dressed.”

Aaah, memories.
Frank is doing spectacularly. He’s gained weight, isn’t swollen, and has only a tiny edema left on his belly.  I couldn’t be more thrilled – so I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing.  I may need to actually cut DOWN on his food soon or he’s going to be a fatso!

I managed to pump out a pumpkin pecan cheesecake that I’ll freeze and put out on the buffet table for Thanksgiving next week.  It kinda goes along with the celebrity story of today…one picture looks great, another tells the truth! Yeah, even the nuts couldn’t hide the damage – but with the right angle, TAH-DAH beauty!
Boots on his way to see Frankie and Avdoo

It was WINDY today!

P.S. Jeffrey’s worried that I’m going to sound like an irresponsible nanny.  The Dempsey’s knew that I met up with friends, I just wasn’t ready to tell them I was dating him.

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  1. So once I was visiting The States and staying with my brother when his girlfriend at the time came over. He was out, so I wondered what she was doing, and when she said "his laundry", I was surprised on various levels.

    Most importantly I wondered how I could find such a girlfriend, but the home-guest in me wondered how she was doing laundry when they were fresh out of detergent. "Oh, but there's a big tub of it by the washer", she reported.

    My reply wasn't quite what she expected: "No, there's a big tub of pool chlorine by the washer."

    My brother noted that his whites were very white, and so were his purples. He forgave her, but with the provision that he would forever be allowed to tease her about it.

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