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Etsy's Black Hole

19 November 2009
OH MAN! OH MAN! OH MAN! What I thought was going to be a quick jaunt over to Etsy to start up a little shop to sell some of the wares that I’ve created here at Deer Park Farms has turned into hours of browsing, reading, and creating!
Several of my friends, family, and supporters have been encouraging me to at least re-coop some of the costs of creating, hosting, and all these recipe creations, and I’ve personally been wanting to make some spending money for Christmas! When I think about the amazing life I live here at DPF, I want to be able to share the joy of this place with as many people as possible.  One way I can do that is by making pieces of it available for my readers to enjoy in their own home. Thus, I’ve started a little shop over at Etsy…yep…you’ll find me at HERE.  I’ll have various decor items that I’ve made, as well as my salsas and jams.  Don’t get upset, but I can’t sell my vodkas on there for obvious reasons…speaking of which, who wants vodka for Christmas gifts? Hee hee.
Hurry on over, I’ve already sold out of my place card holders below!

Besides losing track of time poking around on Etsy, today went by in a flash.  I woke this morning to find that once again, Boots had no bladder control, and was experiencing incontinence, as well as vomiting.  Yeah. That’s one way to start your morning, huh?  Nothing says “Good MORNING, Melissa!” like a few piles of dog poop, a few spots of pee-pee, and the sliminess of empty-stomach dog vomit.  GROSS!  Long story short, I headed over to Newberg Vet to see Dr. Fisher…and they admitted Boots.  There’s the possibility of giardia.  Ok. Come on! What dog that YOU know ever contracted giardia?!?!? I swear this dog just likes the attention…
on our way to the vet
Ellie Graye’s hat was knit by my childhood friend Selena
Ok, I’m keeping tonight’s post short.  I’m tired and have an Etsy store to look after! 🙂

detail of swag

P.S. If you do buy something from my store, let me know you came from here, and I’ll throw in a little extra something!

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