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Deer Park Weekend

22 November 2009
The weekend was full, for sure – even without my surprise birthday party!  It was wonderful to spend time with Jeffrey and just be together as a family.
We spent most of the morning on Saturday running errands.  I had to get some items shipped off, and Boots was ready to be picked up from the vets’.  Jax had a bit of a traumatic weekend, as she got locked in the basement overnight.  Jeffrey couldn’t find her to feed her in the morning, and I was still asleep.  She didn’t make a peep when he was calling her.  Once I finally got out of bed, I figured out where she was, and she came bounding out ready for her breakfast.  She definitely was missing Boots, as she searched for him all over the house.  EG tried to get Jax to play with her by imitating Boots, but Jax just wouldn’t cooperate!

Let’s PLAY!!!

Ok, fine, let’s look for ducks
Jeffrey requested a late lunch/early dinner, just as I was heading to go get ready for our date night…so I opened the fridge to see what the heck I could throw together in 10 minutes.  What did I find: chicken breasts, left over rice from our Thai take out we had had the night before, and corn salsa from Chipotle.  As Jeffrey waited, I whipped up a spectacularly delicious dinner!  The chicken would have been perfect if I had had some broccoli and peanuts, but even so, the flavor was fabulous.
Ginger-garlic chicken stir fry

just mix the salsa from Chipotle in with left-over rice, and voila, DELICIOUS

While Daddy ate at the kitchen island…

EG played peek-a-boo in her high chair!
Today Jeffrey and I were able to spend some time alone together since EG was still at Grandma Lene’s – we took a walk around the property, and daydreamed about our future.  When I was pregnant, we would take long walks like those once or twice a day.  I’d waddle around, stopping every 15 minutes or so to catch my breath, leaning on him for support at times.  It always took us so long – but that’s how I stayed in shape while hauling that baby around!  I lived for those walks – and even now, they’re so refreshing and invigorating!

his least favorite thing to do…

looking down the culvert 

I never get tired of this view!

Our lives are incredibly full!  I’m so glad I have this outlet and way to share it with others!

The dogs smelled and heard something…

was it in here?

or in here???

No, maybe it’s up THERE!

Ok, fine. I’m just going to wait until it shows up!

Eating a banana at Grandma Lene’s house
I can manage this myself, thank you!

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