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My Favorite: Decorating!!!

25 November 2009
Today was full – and full of some of my favorite things!  There was lots of laughing and fun time with Ellie Graye in the kitchen, lots and lots and lots of cooking, and my favorite: decorating and setting the table!
she challenged me to a cook off…

bring it, Mom!!!
but was completely disgusted with her flour and water creation!

I get so happy opening this box!

The Buffet table

I always lay out the serving dishes the night before so that we know where everything goes…it facilitates more than one chef in the kitchen!

Yovani came with Victor and Lorena since school is out this week; EG couldn’t have been happier.  She LOVES him! Having him around to keep an eye on the baby freed Lorena up to help me get everything in order for tomorrow.

I did have to make a run to Newberg to pick up some wormer for Frank – we’re giving him a dose in case it’s a tape worm situation (we’re trying EVERYTHING).  He didn’t eat much last night, and was in a funk this morning.  Plus his manure STINKS and is very loose…I really can’t believe this is still going on.  I also dropped off some Pumpkin Pie Bread at Newberg Vet Hospital – just because.
This sums up the beauty of where we live…it’s one of the many stunning scenes on the way to the vet…

Of course, the cooking was pretty much non-stop, but that’s to be expected…I’m a whole lot more prepared than I thought I was going to be, and Jake came over tonight to start the turkey.  Tomorrow should be a fairly mellow day hanging out and just being.  It’s one of the reasons why I bust my butt getting as much done in the weeks and days before hand – that way when everyone’s enjoying each other, I can join in!  
My favorite recipes from today were actually “Repurposing” recipes.  I HATE wasting food – I feel so guilty throwing away food simply because we’ve had it for three meals in a row! I have found that taking left overs and making them into small appetizers is the perfect solution to using up small quantities of food.  Not only does it give the meal a different face, but it saves money in the long run too – especially if you freeze them for future gatherings!  
The two from today that are quite frankly “kick-ass” are the Arlenie Beanie Wontons and the Crabmeat-Cranberry Rolls.  The crab rolls were from crab that our neighbor Bill Taennler had caught, we had munched on, and the rest I had frozen.  The cranberry sauce was obviously from what I made today -&nbs

p;Jeffrey said these are to die for…if they go over with the rest of the family, I’ll post the recipe at some point! 

Crab and Cranberry Rolls

The Arlenie Beanie Wontons I made from the bean soup that I had made for Ellie and I a few nights ago (it’s my mother’s recipe, thus the name).  I simply dropped a tablespoon of the cold bean mixture onto a wonton wrapper, sealed them, and pan fried them in a teaspoon of very hot olive oil – SOOOO yummy.  

tablespoon of mixture

I love this pastry sealer…it cuts and seals at the same time

a tiny amount of oil to crisp up the wonton skins

Finished Arlenie Beanie Wontons – will reheat them in the oven tomorrow!

Tomorrow is going to be fantastic, I can feel it!  I hope that all of you have a wonderful holiday, and that it ends up being everything you hope for.  If you’ve made any recipes, please let me know how they work out for you!

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