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Speeding Time

30 November 2009
So today I’m having one of those days where I’m doubting my creative talent. The thought keeps crossing through my mind that maybe I just THINK the things I make are beautiful and yummy and what not, but in reality, they’re crap.  And now that I’ve written that, the only thing running through my brain is my oldest brother Jake’s voice (via email):
“Aiyoo – self-pity has never been your strong suit!”
So in honor of my brother, “AIYOOOOOOOOO” and on we go.
I’m not sure today even happened.  It went by so fast, and while I attempted to get stuff done, it didn’t happen.  Mostly because after swim class I thought I would make good use of my time and go to Michaels for some much needed supplies.  Boy, oh boy, was that a mistake! It was PACKED!!!!!  EG was well behaved enough that the cashier commented on how she was quiet and even though she was cranky, she still listened and behaved herself.  I just chuckled.  Good timing, I suppose.
Ellie cooperated enough with me that I was able to get some decorating done around the house…

entry way isn’t done, but almost!

Bookshelves in “tv” room

While she took her nap, I made a really, really cool wall hanging that I want to put on Etsy, but given the way things have been going, am not sure it will sell…I love it, personally, so I won’t complain if it doesn’t go anywhere but my wall!  See it hanging next to the bookshelves in the above picture?  If I actually knew how to use the magnificent camera that is in my possession, maybe I could get a decent picture and it WOULD have a chance to sell!!!!!

I’m trying to figure out why after the first burst of Etsy success, things have slowed down…any thoughts?    I’m pretty sure that the photos don’t do my creations justice…so how do I make that work????


Maybe I just need sleep.


Talking to Daddy

Building her tower

Discovered the linen closet…she loves it ALMOST as much as I do!


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