7 December 2009
Ok, honestly: a low of 18 degrees?!?!?  It’s damn cold.  I’m just glad it’s a dry cold – it makes things a little less complicated and certainly makes the roads a lot safer!

doesn’t that make you shiver just looking at it???

This morning the horses’ waters were completely frozen over, so I gave them a nice warm, watery bran mash to be sure they got some water. Transporting warm water to the stalls is a total pain in the ass! I drove some over this morning, in the back of the Suburban, but had to drive like an old lady in order to be sure the water stayed IN the buckets and didn’t go splashing around in the back of the car.  In the afternoon, Jeffrey carried the buckets over for me, which seemed to be a bit easier, but there’s no way I could do that myself!  I hope we find a place for them soon!
There was a loon (I think) swimming around the lake this morning, and as I shot a couple photos, he dove!  The first picture you see him floating; in the second all you see is his tooshy!

I don’t have any other photos of today since it was one of those days that sped by, and was mostly filled with running errands, making phone calls, and wrapping gifts – none of which qualified as interesting enough to photograph.  Oh, but wait! Jeffrey did use his Blackberry to snap this one snapshot of Ellie Graye on the way to the airport! If she ever makes it to the Olympics, this is one of those photos that will certainly come up! It’s absolutely precious!

I’ve been telling you guys my daughter loves to swim!!!

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