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Spooky Packages, Spectacular Parties, and Super Presents

25 December 2009

Ok, let’s just get this out of the way.  Today I received a package via USPS that came from an unreadable return address in Kingston, NY.  I know NO ONE from Kingston, and have no idea why that someone would send me anything, especially unidentified berries and a sprig of leaves.  If anyone can shed some light on this mysterious package, it would be greatly appreciated.

On a lighter note, our friends Minou and Steve hosted a fantastic dinner party at their house in Camas, Washington…really, they blew my socks off.  The house in itself is outstandingly beautiful, and the dinner was downright impressive.  Minou cooked her hot little ass off – serving prime rib, ham, potatoes, veggies, a delicious salad, and dessert that was to die for.  A great time was had by all – and if EG hadn’t hit her limit on staying up past her bed time, I have a feeling we would have stayed longer!  We met some awesome new friends, and are happy to have been included in a great night!  The batteries on my flash were dying, so good shots were hard to come by!
Jeffrey and Amy catching up

EG loved the red leather couch!

Their tree

I so wish the flash had worked on these shots

Genuinely happy
Ellie’s favorite feature of the house?  The indoor water fountain/pool.  Every time I turned around she was saying, “Agua?” Daddy played with her for a while…

Through the stairs…what a doll
Once we got home and got EG to bed, it was Santa time!  Jake had arrived while we were gone, and he and Jeffrey got to work putting together Ellie’s roller coaster…mmmmhmmmm. She’s only 18 months old, and her father got her a roller coaster.  Gotta love that! Honestly, it’s freaking AWESOME!

Daddy taking a ride

Crouched for speed – but he didn’t make it once he hit the carpet!

I finished up all the the preparations for tomorrow, setting the lunch and breakfast areas up, prepping food so that I can spend the minimal amount of time in the kitchen, and making a gingerbread coconut cheesecake (we’ll see how it comes out…I don’t always have the best results when I try to make something I’ve only imagined). 
The cinnamon-coconut dessert sauce for drizzling over the coconut milk cheesecake
 I can hardly wait for tomorrow and Ellie Graye’s first Christmas where she can actually play and have fun! Come on, Santa! Hurry up!!!!!


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  1. hope you had a merry Christmas. The pictures without the flash turned out GREAT to me. But I am partial to black and white photos. And the roller coasters totally rocks!!!

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