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Let it Snow…Let it Snow…Make it Stop…

29 December 2009
Highlights from Today:
1. Super duper organized and cleaned the house.
2. Prepped dinner
3. Felt guilty for not riding the horses (even though I was wearing my riding pants and had planned on it)
4. Waited for the oven repair guy to come, but the snow hit…he never showed up.
5. Ellie Graye enjoys snow for the first time. Total blast.
6. Felt guilty for not riding the horses.
7. Enjoyed the snow.
8. Tried to take Victor, Lorena and Yovani home, but had to turn around because Wilsonville Rd. was blocked with stuck cars.  Victor and Lorena stayed for dinner – and when the weather let up, we got them home.
9.  Realized that for once I’d had a “boring” day…FINALLY!

The paparazzi found her!

walking around the kitchen with her body guard…

Boots’ Jacket

Running in the first snow

the front of the house

Looking at the house from the other side of the lake

the neighbor’s

Ellie experiencing snow for the first time!

Aunt Lois helping out

Playing in the snow with Yovani

Playing with Jax

And with Boots

Geeka (Victor)

Gramma Phyllis

Aunt Lois


2 Comments to “Let it Snow…Let it Snow…Make it Stop…”

  1. I'm so glad we didn't get as much snow as last year, this was just enough for a little fun and now I'm glad it is gone. How fun for Ellie, I love the cold rosy cheeks, so cute!

  2. Mary Stewart Anthony

    Melissa, thanks for all the hot and cold pictures. Snow brings another dimension to our earth meets sky and it is uniquely fitted for children.
    Love Ellie's winter debut.
    May you and yours be blessed with fresh life and joy, sweet surprises and new discoveries.
    1/01/10 is an awesome day to begin again.
    Love, Mary

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