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I’m totally wiped out, and not in a very upbeat mood tonight – I have lots to write about (including an almost sprained ankle for Ellie Graye, acupuncture gone awry for Boots, surgery for the afore mentioned Beagle, Jeffrey’s arrival into town, business licenses (and my complete and utter incapability of understanding any sort of legal documents), and a horrible crock pot of what was supposed to be Chicken Chow Mein), but I think that I need to go meditate and recenter so that I can also remember the positive things that I have in my life…so no more writing about the haps right now. It’ll have to wait!

Before I head off though I wanted to say thanks to everyone for  all the suggestions, ideas, encouragement and critiques this week!  As promised, everyone who contributed via facebook, blogger, email or other method was entered into a little drawing for a set of drink tags.  Random.org says that Sarah Koepke will be getting a package from DPF as soon as she emails me at DeerParkFarms@gmail.com with her address and her choice of tags that have been previously listed! Congrats and thank you!


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