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Roller Coasters

25 January 2010

Ok, I like roller coasters. I do. I do NOT, however, like roller coasters when it’s my emotions that are giving me the ride.  I’ve got no idea what’s going on with me.  I’ve been a virtual bouncing ball hitting highs and lows within minutes of each other.

No, it’s not that time of month.

No, I’m not pregnant (despite what my mother thinks).

Speaking of being pregnant, it seems like every time I bump into someone who has a baby who’s Ellie’s age, they tell me that they’re expecting ANOTHER.  What’s up with that?  I can’t IMAGINE having another one at this point.  I can hardly keep up with the house, the horses, the farm, the blog with only one kiddo – and it’s the slowest time of year for me; what the heck kind of chaos would ensue if we had a new member in the mix?!?!  And, OMG, what would happen when I was actually busy with the garden?!?!?! The thought of having #2 in the oven just makes me want to vomit.

Which, yes, I HAVE been feeling sick, too…but no,  it’s not my stomach – it’s my throat and congestion – which drains into my belly which makes me nauseated.  Ellie Graye has been a bit congested as well, and I’m assuming we’re both fighting the same thing.  The one benefit of having this bug floating around is that Jeffrey postponed his trip down to San Jose because he’s feeling under the weather too.  Maybe that’s part of my ridiculously volatile moods – though I hate using the “I’m sick” excuse for being a you-know-what.

ANYWAY…it was probably a bad time to introduce any type of change to anything in my life, as I don’t respond well to change at all.  My poor brother was the brunt of all that last night when I sent him email after email wondering why the hell he was trying to ruin my blog by changing everything.  I think I may have pissed him off.  So…..you may be looking at the new design of the blog…he may just decide that this temporary design will be the permanent one…nah, I think he’ll eventually forgive me…I HOPE he will or I’ll have to learn a whole lot real fast about web design!

On another note, Ellie Graye spent the night last night with Grandma Lene so that Jeffrey and I could spend some much needed time together.  We went to the saucebox in Portland, and loved it.  I HAVE to try to replicate their Butternut Squash and Coconut Milk soup.  It was to die for…pickled apples, ginger, onions all made it fresh and light and unique.  LOVED it.

It really was a great weekend, despite the having to be constantly aware of how I was expressing my emotions and interacting with people! Saturday morning we took a spur-of-the-moment visit to see Uncle Colin’s property that he just bought (well, he’s in escrow).  It’s pretty impressive.  10 acres of Oregon land that has a beautiful river running through it.  He definitely has his work cut out for him, but if anyone can do it – he can.  It’ll be a fascinating process to watch.  He has to run utilities, fix the gravel access road that is scary as all hell, and…um..there was something else…what was it??? OH YEAH!!! BUILD A HOUSE.  Like I said…if anyone can do it, it’s him.  I’d run like the speed of light, but he loves the property and when you find “home,” you make it happen.

Colin’s River…yep, it runs straight through his 10 acres

Uncle Colin and EG

Yes, Daddy is holding her out over the water so she can feel the waterfall…she LOVED it…

Sopping wet – with a runny nose

After our trip to the future home of the Colin Carvey pad, Daddy took EG home, and I headed to the barn.

For the first time in a long time, I feel positive about the situation with the horses.  I hit rock bottom last week – frustrated with how little time I had to exercise them, frustrated with my inability to turn them out due to the condition of the fence and the footing, frustrated with the lack of funds for training.  Then I just decided that things are the way they are, and I either need to donate them or just be ok with letting them sit until things change financially.  With a new attitude, I started turning the horses out in the arena, lunging them even if it was only 15 minutes, and all of a sudden, bam. They’re doing great.  Avdoo has proven that his breeding is superior to any other horse I’ve ever ridden, and Frank, well, he’s still Frank, but I do think that all this time off has been good for him.   Yes, again, the horses are another roller coaster ride.

Gabby came out to help me on both Friday and Saturday, and we had a great time lunging the horses over trot poles and even some tiny little 2′ jumps.  In fact, I rode my grey over a 2′ vertical, and he was PERFECT! Both the boys seem to be happy to be working again.  I hope I can keep it up.  When I turned Avdoo out into the arena yesterday (there was no way I was going to turn them out in the pouring rain – there were RIVERS running through the pastures), he trotted straight over to the 2′ vertical, and jumped it…then came back and did it again.  He was so darn proud of himself.  I was able to video some of the flat work, but got too excited about the jumping part to remember to set the camera up! Maybe next week, huh?

Frank goes around

Avdoo goes around

So between spending time outside hiking, working with the horses, hanging out at the house, having dinner with our friends Branden and Steph, walking around DPF, playing in the living room, and just spending time as a family, the weekend was definitely one of the best in recent memory.

teaching Daddy how to clean

Everything must be in its place and clean…

Ready to get back to swimming! One more week!

Where are the Geese?!!?!


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