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Things that Fly

11 February 2010

Listen, readers: I MUST REALLY LOVE YOU.  I mean, I must REALLY love you.  If you had seen me doing the dance around my room that I just found myself doing, you would have first laughed your asses off and then said, “Wow. She really, really, really puts herself in uncomfortable situations just for us.  What an amazing person.”  Ok, so maybe I took that a bit too far, but honestly, the things I do for this blog….lord almighty.

So what the heck had me dancing around the room like a Saturday Night Live crazy freak?


“The pillow,” you ask?  Oh no, no, no, no, my friends.  Look at the top of the photo.  You see that little black speck directly above the pillows where I lay my weary head?  That, my friends, is what had me screaming and hollering as I jumped from foot to foot trying to gain composure.  We need to take a closer look at THAT, my friends, and when we do, this is what we see:

Now that you’ve seen it you don’t think I’m so ridiculously dramatic, do ya?!?! Huh? Do ya?????  That’s scary s*** right there.  I’m telling you. SCARY.

The scarier part about it?  All I could think about was getting the camera.  All I could think about was how I was going to write about this.  Ok, so maybe it wasn’t ALL I could think about.  But certainly when I could get my mind off of the fact that the damn insect was flying around like a hot chick at a club in Los Angeles – bumping into walls, landing on pillows, leaving quickly, and finally getting pummeled by a magazine.  Ok. Again, ignore the drama.

I did run and grab the camera from the kitchen all the while crossing my fingers that the damn bee wouldn’t decide to cuddle up with me tonight.  I have to admit that after I took some photos of him, ran around some more in a crazy fashion, and yelled at Jax to stop trying to eat it, I killed the poor guy.  Even if my karma is now messed up for life, I don’t care.  I claim self-defense.  Period.

For now TTYL


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