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12 February 2010

Tonight I’m hopeful.  I’ve got a lot exciting things in front of me, and I just have this gut feeling that things are going to work out.  It has been a rough couple of years that have taught my husband and I so much.  We both had very, very different “issues” to deal with, but I think we somehow managed to gain what we needed to in our own unique ways.

I laugh when I think about how different we are: our perspectives, our backgrounds, our ways of thinking.  We recently took personality tests as part of a session with Jeffrey’s business coach; we were exactly opposite in almost everything.   Where we were the most similar, however, was where we go when we’re stressed.  If a problem arises, we both use the same part of our brain and very similar methodology to resolve it.  I think that’s why we’re able to ride out the “tough” times so well.  On top of that, we trust each other emotionally.

I’m not really sure why I’m saying all this, except that after my day today, I’m definitely looking forward to the time in the near future where some of the stress dissipates and we’re able to, first of all, spend more time together in the same state and, second of all, be able to put the circumstances of the last 18 months behind us and move forward with the wisdom we’ve gained!

Today I met with Robbie Perkins, a trainer in the neighboring town of Woodburn (a HORSE trainer, just in case you doubted I meant anything else).  I was connected to him through another horse trainer down in LA.  I got to his place at about 10 am (after having already taken Victor to the doctor, visited Boots, and done some grocery shopping – I know, I was busy today!).  The facility was so nice and Robbie and Joe so easy to talk to (I know those of you who know me are going to say, “Uh, Melissa, you never have a problem talking to people.” But I do. I get shy….not often, but I DO! I swear!).  I wish I would have taken photos, but I didn’t want to waltz in there with my big ol’ camera taking photos when I was trying to give them a good first impression!

Anyway, that’s how I got to thinking about how hopeful I am that we’ll soon be back on our feet.  I would LOVE to be able to train there; the guys are nice, have a great reputation, and well, seem like they might actually know what they’re doing!  Right now they’re way, way, way out of our budget, but if things keep going in a positive direction, I just might find myself riding with a consistent, tried-and-true trainer!  Oh, please, please, PLEAAAAAAAASE work out!

I am hopeful.

Jeffrey is home which always makes things feel so much better.  It feels so much more “real” – so much more like a family.  I love that.

The other thing I’m hopeful about???? Getting my darn online shop set up.  Jake and I have been working and troubleshooting like crazy to get this darn site running, and it felt like we were so close, but neither of us could figure it out to save our lives! After hours and hours of research we discovered that the plug-in we’ve been trying sucks – not just for us, for EVERYONE.  So now we’re trying another something out, but it requires me to use HTML?!?! Jake, seriously, I can’t do that!  I need something that says, “Put picture here.” “Put price here.” “Smile.” “Laugh.” “Pay.”

But…….I’m hopeful!

Ellie Graye spent the night at Granma Lene’s last night, and I missed her so darn much!  That being said, there’s no way I could have managed to get out of the house by 8 am to pick up Victor and get all my errands done.  She loves my mother so much…but she loves my mother’s dog Cassie even more.  Honestly, the two of them are inseparable if they’re in the same house.  If I happen to mention Granma Lene or Bampa or Cassie, that’s all we hear about for hours.  She was happy to see Geekah (Victor) when she arrived at DPF, though.  Give her Geekah and Cassie and she’ll be happy for hours! Poor Jax just doesn’t get the attention she deserves!

Jax sitting obediently (not patiently) as Granma Lene arrives with EG

Her reaction when she saw Geekah - I love that you can see him in the reflection of the window!

Life is good even when it’s hard.  I’ve got a great family, great friends, and a beautiful life and that doesn’t disappear just because I don’t like how things are going – and it’s certainly something to be valued and appreciated.  Besides, when I have the beauty of the countryside around, things somehow manage to put themselves into perspective…

A common occurrence in Oregon: sun and rain at the same time!

The white crocus arrived this week.

Our first Rhodes

Aaah. I think I deserve a glass of wine.  Don’t you?

Yep, I’m hopeful.  Things WILL work out…I mean, check out this little girl…how could things NOT work out with a bundle of joy running around the house terrorizing animals, people and plants, HELLO!


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