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Trying to get momentum back

18 February 2010

Ok, so all the changing back and forth with the servers, the loss of data, and the frustration surrounding all that has made me not want to write.  Well, at least it makes me want to scream and holler and throw a fit.  Stamping my feet and pouting somehow makes things feel better! Hee hee.  Reality is, I always say I’m going to give up when things get hard, but I rarely do…”THIS IS TOO HARD.” I’ll say, but then push myself harder.  So…POOOOOOOOOOOOR ME!

I’m sure that one day I’ll be back to my usual ramblings, but for now ya ain’t getting nothing more than a bunch of totally awesome photos!

You guessed it - I bought shavings today

One of the many reasons that makes DPF such an easy place to stay - you don't even need to bring your own boots! There's a pair in every size

I think my dogs wanted out of their run...

Showing her flowers to Boots

Spotted this Bald Eagle while out collecting flowers! Such a cool sight!

Aaaah, early spring cherry blossoms!

Gotta love the daphnes - they fill the whole house with such a magnificent fragrance!

The Beagle is Home.

My husband decided that this ridiculously delicious dish needs to be in my weekly rotation! I'll post the recipe the next time I make it...which, apparently, will be next week.


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