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Aaaaah. Spring.

22 February 2010

Though this morning was far from warm, it was clear and beautiful and was, quite simply, another beautiful beginning to a beautiful day. The weather report says our week of sunshine is coming to an end, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying today!

The ice on the kiwi berries at the barn.  They intentionally give them a layer of ice to protect from the frost.  I don't understand it myself, but I'll take their word for it

As I headed down the road with Ellie Graye, Jeffrey called.

“Have you left for swimming yet?”

“Uh. Yeah.”

“Can you turn around and come pick me up so I can go with you?”

“We’ll be LATE, but ok, I’ll turn around.” I said with a little bit of an attitude (ok, maybe a LOT of an attitude).

I WAS, however, happy to have the opportunity to spend more time with him before he headed back to San Jose for work.  We whipped around, picked him up, and pissed off all the slow Oregon drivers as we sped along to the swim school.  Pushing Jeffrey to get us there on time, I was thrilled when we pulled into the parking lot and there was actually parking – LOTS of parking.  Something wasn’t right.  Then it hit me: classes were cancelled. Ellie proceeded to start crying.  She wasn’t crying her tantrum cry; no, she was crying that genuinely devastated cry.

“Pull-wee!!!” She hollered (“pull-wee” is actually “pull-three” which is part of the mantra we use for her breast stroke; but for her, it’s “swimming.”  According to Ellie Graye, even Jax has a pull-wee).

Jeffrey suddenly had a wonderful idea: the zoo.  We had visited yesterday and bought a season pass, so off we went for the second day in a row.  The zoo definitely broke Ellie out of her depression over the missed swim lesson, and we were all able to enjoy just being a family.  Jeffrey had to work throughout the hour we were there, but still it was worth it!

We’re always sad to see Daddy go, but at least we had bubbles to play with…check out Ellie in her bath this afternoon.  I couldn’t stop laughing!  THAT is how to catch a bubble, for SURE!

Yes, friends, she caught it with her forehead, and it stuck for a long time!

On another note…I don’t think that anyone is going to beat Dana’s “You know you’re a mother when…!”  Finding poop in the dryer just wiped out the competition!  Dana, contact me with your address, and I’ll send you a little something from DPF….


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  1. So true—no one can beat that! I remember when she called to tell me the story! I did not have kids yet…I was so grossed out! Congrats to Dana!

  2. I don’t think I want to beat your friend Dana on that one. She is deserving of her DPF gifts!!!

  3. I love the sink bath shots – so cute!

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