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Is it just me…

25 February 2010

I’m going to risk sounding like a pessimistic you-know-what and just say what I’m thinking…I’ve never been good at keeping my mouth shut anyway.

Today I woke up to the sun shining, the flowers blooming, and the smiling face of my mother.  It was so nice to have a second set of hands helping and someone to say “good morning” to.  I was excited about putting the horses out without their blankets, and had plans to work in the garden.  It was the perfect day.

Grandma Lene and EG on their walk

I think they were listening for the running water!

Jax trying to catch up with us! I don’t think she has any feet on the ground!

Two Loons

As I left the barn after feeding the horses, I suddenly got “bummed out.”  I didn’t want the flowers to be blooming; I didn’t want the birds to be laying their eggs; I didn’t want it to be time to plant the vegetable garden.  No, I wanted to have the anticipation of spring – I wasn’t ready to give up the excitement of what’s to come!  I think part of my attitude about not wanting spring to be here is because I know that just as quickly as it came, it will go.  I LOVE spring. I love having flowers in the house; I love the crisp, cold mornings that turn into sunshiny, temperate days; I love watching the bulbs push their way through the cold, hard ground – peeking out with a jubilant burst of color.  I don’t want that thrill to stop!  Silly, I know, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about.  Please tell me that it’s not just me who has ever felt this way!


Magnolias in bloom!

Spring Snow Flakes


Massive Magnolia Volcan Buds

I dressed up the house with some flowers from the garden – I love that!  I’m doing everything I can to prolong spring and enjoy it as much as possible!

Flowering Quince


Ellie Graye got a new table that’s just her size (thanks, IKEA!)

Snack Time with Baby


4 Comments to “Is it just me…”

  1. You are not alone in that thought. I was thinking today that its much to soon and sadly Spring would be over too soon. I hope we still have spring at least until Easter.
    Its just not the same with out the blooms.

  2. Love camilias, love hyacinth, i love spring because things bloom. i just found 3 daffodils in my garden this week, where did they come from?? Who knows….I didn’t plant them. they were a gift from the birds. Happy Spring Melissa!! Enjoy it 🙂

  3. Sufia – We will definitely still have flowers for Easter at DPF, though I doubt there will be any daffodils…

    Jessica – don’t you love those surprises! I LOVE them. I love driving along the freeway and seeing yellow daffodils popping up; I always wonder how they got there! Happy Spring to you, Jess!!!

  4. First of all, love your Mom and EG with matching boots. Darling photos. Secondly, it’s not pessimistic to express real feelings. I don’t know what you mean about keeping your mouth shut, though. Doesn’t sound like you at all! So many events in life seem anticlimactic when they arrive. I totally feel the same way about anticipation. Birthdays, seasons, holidays…the older I get, the more I want to learn to live in the moment and enjoy right now. My children are growing too fast and I’m afraid that just like spring, they’ll be gone before I know what hit me. But if we’re always afraid of the joy being over, we’ll miss the best parts of our lives.

    Your home looks like a little slice of heaven and you have wonderful people to explore it with. Enjoy and thanks for sharing the beauty with us!

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