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Just Photos

Favorite jacket, favorite boots...she's got her own style!

Ready for a day of shopping...Rodeo Drive?

Her assistants.

Hyacinth everywhere!

Isn't this just AMAZING?!?!

We've got some woodpecker issues with the Maples on the driveway

Cherry blossoms over the driveway are peeking out!!! A couple more days, and there will be a pink canopy!

Renee came to visit from Los Angeles - we were inseparable for so many years, it felt soooo good to be together again

Taking her doggies for their walk

Her Bootsie got dragged around a bunch in the mud - not that much different from the real guy!

The finished office


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  1. love the hyacinth and daffodils, next year you are going to have to post a blog about how many bulbs you plant to get them that full, and also where you buys your bulbs!! Looks gorgeous 🙂

  2. Are these all the bulbs your friends gave you for your birthday? Annual reminder of your special buddies! Beautiful!!

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