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Cameras and the lack thereof

A few years ago if someone would have told me that my camera would be my most worn accessory, I would have laughed at them, and told them to set down the crack pipe and go to rehab. Yet, here I am feeling like I’m the one trying to kick a habit.

Hi. I’m Melissa, and I’m a photo-holic.

How’d I find this out?  My brother Jake came and stayed the weekend here, commandeering the camera for his latest project. Wow. I feel like I’m about to throw up: I don’t have any photos of today?!?! I mean, how could I miss an entire day of memories??? I missed recording Ellie Graye’s first fishing adventure on the dock with her Daddy. I missed taking photos of the now clean, organized and functioning greenhouse.  I missed holding the camera while I screamed in excitement for Jeffrey and Jake to catch a sighting of the three bald eagles that were circling overhead.  For all of those things – Jake had the camera!  I know he took some photos, but the control freak in me wanted to scream, “I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!”  I’d post his photos, but at the moment he’s outside taking photos of the stars, so I can’t grab the memory card…

So, yes, today was definitely a day that would have produced lots of photos: a perfect spring day, crisp and clear.  On top of that, we started the day off on the right foot: Jeffrey got up with Ellie Graye so that I could sleep in!  Last night I ended up staying awake until the wee hours of the morning sipping wine and shooting the proverbial s*** with my brother.  When my eyes finally popped open at 10 am, I had a bit of a panic attack but then realized that everything was ok. Jeffrey stepped up and had it covered. That, my friends, was awesome.

With the sun shining, and no rain threatening to fall, we headed out to take care of the horses.  This is, for sure, one of my favorite things to do as a family. Hanging out at the barn, working together, enjoying the animals and the sunshine just makes me want to sing.  Yes. Sing.  Jeffrey hoists Ellie Graye onto his shoulders and I turn the horses out in the pasture; we watch them play until EG is bored, and then start the walk back to the barn.  There’s a drainage creek that runs through the facility, and Ellie loves it.  If we’d let her, she’d stay there all day splashing, watching the water as it falls down into the culvert, and throwing rocks into the creek…BUT, the stalls need to be cleaned, feed prepped, and aisles swept.  Ellie’s chore is now prepping the grain for the evening and morning feedings.  She loves to do it, and does an absolutely fantastic job.  Once all the chores are done, EG always requests one last thing: jumping a course……on my hip.  She laughs as I run over the trot poles, low jumps and generally huff and puff my way around the arena at a trot.  It’s always a good way to end the time with the horses.  One day maybe Jeffrey can bring out the camera and get some photos.  🙂

For now, here are the photos from YESTERDAY!

Such a cool flower

She is most definitely a trend setter

We went to Jaden's house for dinner!

The Carvey Concentration Face

What the heck is going on here?!?!?

Jaden's hug was more of a tackle!

Daddy made a cool car!


5 Comments to “Cameras and the lack thereof”

  1. meh.

    all u have to do is ask! even just for the mem card.

    but of course I dew appreciate it. What i dont appreciate was the condensation on the lens last night which luckily didnt quite freeze. Everything else did. I need to start a bonfire – its cold out here!

  2. Aysha Strausbaugh

    Love you blog! You have a beautiful life. I feel blessed to know you! Hope we can spend some more time together.

  3. Just curious. What does “prepping the grain for the evening” mean exactly? Trying to picture what Miss Ellie does for her chore.
    Sun, blessed sun.
    So glad you are living where you/we all can enjoy it!

  4. I know what you mean- my camera is permanently within arm’s reach. I’ve even altered my work bag to safely house my camera, so I never have to be without it. ^^

  5. Ellie’s hair is getting so long! Adorable. (Oh, and YAY for starting such a perfectly wonderful day by sleeping in!!! Right up my alley…lol.)

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