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Day 4…

Ok, so I’m supposedly on Day 4 of not having help, but so far it seems like I’ve had more help than I usually do!  Funny how that works!  I’ve been able to keep up on everything and even have time to sit and relax a bit.  It’s almost like I’m on vacation too!

Jeffrey figured out a way to come home for the weekend, and arrived Friday night on the same flight as my friend Gioia.  With a little bribing, my mother and Ed took Ellie Graye to their house so that I didn’t have to haul her to the airport at midnight on a Friday night.   I had spent the day doing laundry, cleaning stalls, running errands with EG, tidying the house, planting seeds, and playing with Ellie Graye.  I felt like I was playing house for some reason.  I still have the feeling that I’m just not old enough to be where I’m at, and that it’s all pretend! Of course, then something steps on my foot, falls, breaks, barks, kicks, vomits, pees, poops, or causes some kind of havoc, and everything becomes very REAL!  It’s kinda hard to daydream when it’s all so…so…so…disorderly. And yet, it all just seems to be ok.

Ducks, Geese, and a Loon

The weekend was jam-packed with activity.

Wanting to enjoy the good weather, we headed out to Uncle Colin’s property to be outdoors, show Gioia something other than DPF, and plain ol’ breathe some clean, fresh air!  Gioia got roped into helping pull ivy, while Jeffrey let EG walk in the river (that is snow melt, I think), and I just took on the role of family photographer!  Colin’s place is really just damn gorgeous, and it does feel like you’re out in a national park somewhere. We’re so happy for him – if anyone can manage the amount of work it’s gonna take to get that house up, he can – and it’s going to be fabulous!

Can you believe this is his?
Salmon Berry

The Ants Go Marching Three by Three...........
The Ants Go Marching Three by Three….
Hoorah! Hoorah!
One of the piles of Ivy waiting to be burned
Not a bad view, huh?
I spotted some trillium on the side of the steepest part of the river bank. I love it.
I nearly broke my neck trying to get this shot

Auntie Gioia
A very infrequent shot with m on the other side of the lens!

Because Gioia (my former horse trainer) has been in town, most of the activities of the last few days were, of course, centered around the barn.  Avdoo got his first bath in months, and my legs got a work out in the saddle.  It was nice to have someone to chit-chat with as Ellie played with the grain (under Daddy’s supervision), and the horses got some much needed Salon Time.

I love that I’ve had people around – especially for dinners.  Friday night I made Mayumi’s Spaghetti Suace which is one of my favorites as it’s macrobiotic, super clean, and loaded with vegetables.  Saturday night I made an insanely yummy Chicken Shawarma with homemade hummus and a Green Salad.  Sunday I served fajitas with a Black Bean Corn Salad.  Tonight was back to a Mediterranean Greek flare with Lemon Pork Chops, Cous Cous Salad and a Carmelized Onion Spinach dish (the one that my friend Pilar introduced me to).  Gioia says she has eaten more in the last 4 days than she did the entire month previously!  I kinda am leaning toward believing her!

Sunday’s Dinner Table

Yes, it has been fantastic having so many people around.  However, Jeffrey left at the crack of dawn this morning, and Gioia leaves tomorrow afternoon.  My dear friend Erin (who is off shooting a pilot for ABC) was scheduled to arrive Wednesday night, but due to a shooting schedule change may not be able to come.  I was just beginning to think I would make it through the week unscathed, but now I’m not so sure.  Gioia has been the perfect person to have around since she is wonderful about seeing what needs to be done and doing it – with EG, in the kitchen, at the barn, and even out at Colin’s!  The fact that I can have her deal with the horses without me is also a huge plus…it’s going to be hard to let her go!  We don’t always do things the same way, but we figure out how to make it work!  I think I’ve been spoiled having so many extra hands the last few days!

The good thing is that spring is officially here (as of Saturday) and while it’s a lot of work, all of this is totally worth it.  I’m so damn fortunate!

Spring Snow (cherry blossom petals!)


Ellie exploring one of my many spice drawers
Hmmm…is this Turkish or Mexican Oregano….
Trying to help with dishes

Sometimes I just don’t want to let go!
Couch potatoes


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  1. You know, you should totally blow some of these up and frame them as a housewarming gift for him once he has the house finished. Not that you need any ideas, lol. It just struck me that these photographs would look great framed. Very nice!

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