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Big Beds, Little Beds, and Dirty Floors

Tonight, all I’m going to do is take a quote (slightly adapted) from an email I sent out earlier…and follow it up with some photos…

“I’ve had such a blast just being a ‘stay at home mom’….mopping, vacuuming, doing laundry, taking care of EG, and chilling out that I almost think I should fire Lorena, put in [cheap] white rocks instead of the flower garden, scrap the vegetable plot, sell the horses, and [forget about anything other than Ellie Graye and mommy]!…hmmm.”

Yep, I’ve enjoyed letting all the other stuff “go” and just being able to be HOME.  Poor horses. Poor garden. Happy Melissa.

Starting the morning with a talk with Jax

That being said………………………today we……

1. Made banana pancakes, fed the dogs, and fed the horses.

Pushing the food back to where she thinks it should belong

2. Went to a swim class to make up for the class we missed Tuesday.  Ellie did amazingly well – it was almost as if she was showing off for the new teacher!

3. Went to Michael’s in search of the perfect charms for a special order I received for Teacher Appreciation Week.  I think we managed to find something!  Discovered our Easter stickers.

Looking through her Easter stickers

4. Discovered that the wind had blown a whole stack of seed packets from under the patio cover into the rain.  Pondered whether or not I had to plant them, and decided that I’d dry them out later and see what happens instead of dealing with the whole mess.

5. Made a few attempts at going pee-pee on the potty.  Was generally successful with sitting, but EG hasn’t quite gotten it into her head that it’s ok to “dirty” the potty…..she thinks it’s better to do it on the floor!

6. Did laundry. Restocked diapers, wipes, toilet paper, and general necessities.

7. I moved furniture around in the living room, though I’m still not sure I like it.  Trying to figure out what the best situation is with the furniture we have…the pink carpet is a bitch.  Jeffrey’s first comment was that the L-shaped couch isn’t in the right place, but if it were up to him, we’d be buying new socks when ours were dirty, and eating out every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner….get my point?

I bought that mirror for $5 at the Fairfax Flea Market years ago. It's PLASTIC....shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone!

8. Gabby called to tell me that Avdoo had spooked at a blanket that got blown by the wind…he somehow wrapped himself around a post…has a big ol’ welt just in front of his flank.  Good thing is she got him all trimmed up – a HUGE feat considering 3 weeks ago he wouldn’t even let scissors in the vicinity of close to his face.

9. Cleaned, played, ate, laughed, showered, and just enjoyed each others’ company………then bedtime…………..

10. Bedtime came with pleadings to let EG sleep in her big girl bed……..we tried, but just like the potty training, desire isn’t as important as self-control! Anyway, she did decide that a pillow would be a good compromise in the situation – and while contesting the fact that she was still in her crib, she drifted off to sleep close to 9:30 pm, with her head on her pillow. Damn she’s cute.

look at those CHEEKS!

11. Jeffrey arrived from a long week of traveling and work.  He’ll be here 24 hours, and then have to leave again.  Man, oh man, oh man.

12.  I’ve finished a glass of wine and my eyes are closing uncontrollably…wish I had another few weeks of my “vacation”



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