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I made it to bed!!!

Ok, seriously, I don’t think my feet stopped moving at all today, and if they did it was only because my hands had taken over the constant motion.  It felt like the prospect of sleeping moved away from me as quickly as I moved toward it!  Yet, here I am, hoping to sleep sooner rather than later.

I have a suspicion that I’ll be up a lot of the night tonight.  My little Bear is so congested and not feeling well, that I imagine she’ll be waking up needing some comfort and maybe some help settling back into sleep.  If I’m going to be able to face tomorrow, I need to get some sleep, so this post is going to be short…plus, I have hardly any photos from today!

1. Wake up to Ellie’s voice trying to yell, “Momma!!!” But she was so hoarse and congested it was almost unrecognizeable.

2. Cancelled swimming.

3. Fed horses, cold hosed Frank’s wounds.

4. Went to the airport to pick up my mother-in-law Phyllis.

5. Headed back to the barn to meet the vet.  Frank is going to stay on the antibiotics, but there’s nothing stuck in his cuts.  I still need to keep an eye on Avdoo’s injury, but there’s no immediacy.  He’s so sore, though, that if the swelling isn’t down and he’s not feeling better by next week, then I’ll need to bring out the acupuncturist to get some work done…

6. Prepped horse’s grain for the days I’ll be in L.A. – including Frank’s antibiotics.  Made it clear enough that anyone could walk in and know what to do!

Crap…….Ellie’s awake already!  I guess this post got cut short.  Talk to you all later!

New clothes from Grandma Phyllis


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