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Surprise Sunshine

Looking at the forecast this morning, I debated whether or not to turn the horses out.  There was rain predicted all day, and it was drizzling outside.  Then, pop! Out came the sun…and dried up all the rain…and the itsy, bitsy, spider…woah. Ok, where’d I go???  Hold on, back up.  The drizzling let up and the clouds broke and the sunshine came pouring through (there, much better than a children’s song).

For all the gray skies that Oregon represents, there truly is nothing more beautiful than Oregon on a warm, sunshiny day.  The smells, the colors, the fresh air are almost overwhelmingly wonderful!  Plans for the day changed a bit to take advantage of the incorrectly predicted weather!  I still took EG to her swimming lesson, but first stopped at the barn and trotted the horses out the their pasture.  The were definitely feeling the crisp spring air, and were so happy to romp and play in the grass!

kisses for Frank

Ellie’s swimming lesson went so well.  It’s like she suddenly “got it.”  She can swim almost completely across the pool without help.  She’ll hold her breath, then come up for a quick breath and ALMOST make it the rest of the way (though for some reason she decided that swimming vertically was going to be the most fun today).  It’s so amazing to see her crawl out of the pool and wait quietly for her turn as the other children go.  Every once in a while, I’d catch her practicing her breast stroke and whispering, “pull – one; pull – two; pull – three”  — it’s damn near criminally cute.

Once we got home, we headed out for a walk to enjoy the sunshine.  Daddy joined us for a while, since he ended up not taking his flight last night!

It’s the tulips’ turn to blossom, and a few others that I probably should know the names of but don’t!

Can't you imagine a wedding here?

Boots being Boots

The road we've made to the barn

Ok, who knows who these are??? I first saw them in a photo my cousin sent asking me to ID them...then they bloomed in my garden!

I can't wait until it's warm enough to swim!!!!

And here come SOME the veggies…I just wish they would hurry the hell up!!!!

Lettuce...I'll have to thin them out soon!



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