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Today my new passport arrived, and I’m dreaming.  I’ve got plans to get it stamped up as much as my last one was. (As an interesting side note: when I travelled privately with Madonna, the customs guys usually met us onboard the plane, and it seems like they rarely stamped our pages…or maybe all that traveling I did was just in my head???).  Yes, I am fantasizing about skipping around the world, without a care, without responsibility, and without a single worry about cash! HEY! If you don’t dream, you don’t achieve even the little things!

That being said…maybe I’m doing a little more than just dreaming. I’m planning.  I know that I want to do SOMETHING for my birthday.  Yeah, I know: my birthday isn’t until November.  BUT…I have a vision of being somewhere exotic as I celebrate year 34.  Somewhere warm, somewhere relaxing, somewhere tropical would suite me just fine!  Time to start researching flights, locations, and so forth!  My friend Gilbert has offered his house in Cabo – that would be fantastic! Hmmm…maybe I’m onto something here!

Besides the far-off birthday trip, I know I want to go to Germany and ride with Steffan Hauter.  I know I want to go back to Greece, and this time actually visit the Acropolis rather than just stare at it from a cafe.  I know I want to visit Spain and South Africa and Dublin and Brazil and Norway and, well, the problem is…………it all takes the green stuff. You know — MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-LAH.  I might live in farm country, but the only part of that word that we get around here is the “moooooooooooo” (ok, that was a “Colin” joke, but I’m not deleting it, so let that chuckle out!).

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who sits and reads and rereads her notices from TravelZoo!!!!

Ok, so contrary to what it may sound like, I did actually get stuff done today.  Lots of mundane errands, some planting, some caring for Boots, some cooking (made a yummy Asian Pasta and Ginger Chicken), and even spent some time with my husband!  All in all, today was productive (a nice change from the intensity of this week!).  Life, all things considered, is good! No. Life is great.

He was feeling so crappy, he didn't even want to go outside! At least he's standing now!

I wanted him close to me, but didn't want him running around like a madman.

My handy-dandy, no-tangle tying system that I learned while on a horse trek through the island of Crete. We tied the horses to trees overnight using a similar system

Geekah and Yovani planting something in their garden

Daddy's idea of keeping an eye on EG.

He WAS standing next to me saying, "Babe, look at EG down there by herself!" I'm glad she knows how to swim!


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