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It’s real.

When times are rough, it’s easy to say, “Well, this is just reality…it sucks.”  When times are good, it’s easy to say, “This ISN’T real…soon it will all change.”  Today, however, I’m just going to say, “WOW! All of this good stuff is REAL.  This really IS my life – and I’m so grateful for it!”  It’s odd to me that I hold on to the difficult times rather than allowing them to keep the experience of amazing times vibrant and fresh. I’m working on living the good times just like I do the hard times: dynamically, vigorously, and with full force!

We’ve had absolutely spectacular weather this weekend, and we took full advantage of the opportunity to be outdoors!  We went to Colin’s “campground” for his first campfire/bbq – it really feels like you’re camping in a national park, not walking around on land owned by Colin Carvey!  Seriously, check out the photos. It’s ALL his private property!

Ellie and Daddy on “Deer Island” skipping rocks – with uncle Jake taking photos

Eventually there will be a house and a driveway here…for now…it’s pretty 🙂
the “campsite”

Jake’s hammock

The view from the hammock

Jake taking photos…

emerging greenery

Of course, no Carvey/Papen/Kacik gathering is every complete without great food, beer, and/or wine…or sometimes even beer/wine together.  Ha. This makes me laugh.  We had no wine glasses, so I made the best of what we had.  The only problem with this solution?  I found myself drinking wine like I drink beer…gulps at a time. YIKES!!!!

I’m a classy one, huh?

Doing what he does best…

Too cool for school???
Uncle Jay-Gee and EG laughing at each other

Ed digging in

My homemade hummus. YUMMMM

Two more of my favorite guys!

Mom’s dog Cassie

So yes, it was a wonderful, relaxing, fun night!!!

Today was so mellow, I don’t have much to say about it…but I do have a few photos!

EG’s new sand and water table! She LOVES it. She spent ALL day playing there

Telling Jax to "DROP!"

Hmmm...did she drop it?

"That darn dog NEVER listens to me!"

Ha. Still have it!

Learning to fish

WTF kind of fly is this?!?! It was DISGUSTING! Reminded me of A Bug's Life....

Aaaah! Tulips!

The viburnum are coming out! I LOVE these!

Frankie-boy and I. I love him so damn much!

Ignore the dowdy outfit - these guys are my lifeline!

We were all looking at EG and her stroller

Learning to wait patiently and safely in the stroller! 🙂 Aaaah, my little Bear!


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  1. some super nice shots in there!

  2. Miss,

    I don’t have time to read all your blogs, but I LOVE looking at all your gorgeous photos. You are sure a gifted photographer as well. Who takes all the great shots of you?
    What an incredible place you have—too beautiful!!!!

    I miss OR:-(

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