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I’ve got nothing

So I have nothing – to say that is!  That might not be 100% true, but I don’t feel like writing anything nonetheless.

We’ve been go-go-go since the moment we woke up, and I’m ready to take some Tylenol PM to help me get through the aching of my tooth, cuddle up with my teddy bear (yes, I sleep with my teddy), close my eyes, and drift into never-never land…though, my dreams last night weren’t something I’d go back to.  I love Madonna and the life I had while I was working for her, but I have no desire to revisit that time!  I like my life just the way it is!

ANYWAY, life is good.

The tractor situation has escalated quite a bit, and now we’re waiting for Fisher Implements to come pick it up for a servicing.  We spent the early morning there – along with Ellie, who had a blast playing with not just the toy John Deere tractors that were everywhere, but the ride-on mowers!

After John Deere, it was picking up Victor and Lorena, dealing with the horses, heading to swim class (daddy took EG into the water for the first time in a year, and they did great!), then our monthly trip to the Trader Joe’s, then organizing Ellie’s baby clothes that have been randomly thrown into boxes and stored in the garage (THAT was the majority of the day), then it was making dinner for the family (I love that Jeffrey is home this week), making decisions about traveling, planning our Mother’s Day Brunch, and of course, soaking Ellie Graye’s wound………….

Playing with her stickers from Trader Joe's

I think Jax misses having a baby around...she laid down in the middle of all the clothes!

This child had way too many clothes when she was 3 - 6 months old

Our way of "soaking" EG's wound

Dinner was yummy, and I’ll for sure have to post the recipe for the potatoes I made. YUMMMM!


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