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Dyed Blonde

I’m a natural dark blonde.  My husband says I’m light brown.  I say I’ve got natural highlights.  I like my natural highlights.  I like highlights that aren’t natural, too. Just not on me, and I certainly don’t like highlights on horses.



Yeah. I don’t like highlights on horses.  How do I know this???? No, seriously, how do I know that I don’t like it? Have I ever SEEN a horse with highlights?!?!?

The answer, my dear friends, is a resounding, “YES! I have seen a horse with highlights.”  In fact, my horse has highlights.

Hold on. Stop. Re-read.


I know, I know, you want the story.

After bringing the horses in from the turn-out the other day – I noticed that Avdoo had bitten Frankie HARD.  There was blood trickling out of the wound, and it needed to be cleaned.  I was running late, and couldn’t give it the washing that it really needed, so I poured hydrogen peroxide on it.  I rubbed the solution onto the wound with a cotton ball, and cleaned it thoroughly.

I looked at the clock, “CRAP!!!!!!! It’s already 5:15 pm, and I’m 15 minutes late. CRAP!!!” I hurriedly trotted Frank back to his stall, and gave him his grain.

I didn’t rinse the hydrogen peroxide off. Yeah. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID.

I now have a horse with highlights. Check it out.

Since I took my camera out to the barn to document the highlighting fiasco, I figured I’d take the freedom to shoot some “pretty” shots of the boys.  They were so incredibly affectionate with me, following me around, nuzzling my shoulders, playing with me.  I hadn’t spent time with them like that in the pasture for so long, it was absolutely wonderful.  There was a moment when I was sitting in the grass, with Avdoo cuddled up next to me and Frank grazing a few feet away where I felt like my heart would explode from the love I have for these animals.  They’re so incredibly special, and despite being so much darn work, are a part of my life that I would fight, fight, FIGHT for!  Aaah, the joys of being a horsewoman!

Not sure why, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot

Other than the horses, what did my day hold?  I had a trip to the dentist’s (turns out that a sinus infection can cause all sorts of havoc for your teeth) and a trip to the market.  I spent a crap load of time cooking the food I bought at the market, all the while craving calzones but unable to make them since I had no dry yeast for the dough. I also made progress on researching flights to Cabo.  Ok, seriously – besides for the dentist – that sounds like a vacation in itself!  Here are the photos from the day.

Wild Irises on the far back bank of the lake

These guys showed up after we cut back all the blackberry bushes last year!

Our sneaky way of having her "soak" her wound in antibacterial soap

Spacing out

Who would have thought she'd like raw onions?!?!

But she really does!

And we can’t forget the meals of the day………..

tostada chicken salad - it didn't get rave reviews from Jeffrey (he doesn't like crunchy things in his salad), but personally, I'd eat it every day!

Some sort of sweet and spicy chicken over rice...I THINK it worked


5 Comments to “Dyed Blonde”

  1. Your pictures are amazingly beautiful!!

  2. horse shots are killer. i used to eat raw onions when I was her age. Go to WinCo for fresh pre-tossed pizza dough. Calzone heaven – whole wheat even.

  3. http://deerparkfarms.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/DSE_8036.jpg

    She looks like a little college professor!

  4. It’s true. jake loved raw onions when he was EG’s age.
    They were usually sweet Vadalia’s from Erewhon in Boston or ones we grew in our back yard.
    But, yah. It was part of our routine as we ate them almost daily with our brown rice, azuki beans and miso.
    There’s a photo somewhere (I no longer have it) of him sitting on our wooden table in Roxbury, Massachusetts eating onion slices while I”m cutting them.

    The photo of Avdoo nipping at his leg is exquisite. Definitely gonna print that one out for the family wall. Just have to decide which cool one of Frankie to use.

    HE”S exquisite.

  5. Michelle Freeman

    your horses are magnificent! what wonderful pictures you take. you should have your own TV show. lol.

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