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I need some direction here, I think.  I constantly have so many things that are begging to be written about, but it seems as if I just end up ignoring them, and sticking to writing about my day.  I have a pile of recipes scribbled on small bits of paper, menus tucked into cookbooks, organizing tips in a basket on the counter, and a million other ideas of things to share with you all, but I just haven’t been able to figure out what is the most important or relevant.  Of course, add to all that the hundreds of photographs that I take each day, and well, sometimes I feel like I need five blogs in order to share everything; thus, I end up just writing about what I’ve done in a particular day.  Used to be I added at least one recipe a week, but I’ve fallen away from that…should I get back to that?

I’d love to hear any input from you all……..where do we go from here?  I will ALWAYS write about what is current in my life, but what else would you all want to see?  What are your favorite posts? What do you hope to read about when you check in?

I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback!

As far as today…I had a two hour riding lesson on Frank. Needless to say, I’m exhausted.  He was doing so incredibly well, and was supple and stretching, jumping willingly and correctly.  When I asked, “Hey, Gabby, what time is it?” She looked at me with big, ol’ eyes and said, “Time to let you go home!”  It was nice to get the exercise and time rejuvenating!  I hurried home, thinking that Daddy and Ellie Graye would be in need of some mommy time, but discovered they were both asleep!  So what did I do? I jumped back in the car, headed back to the barn, and gave Frank a much deserved and long overdue bath.  I had forgotten how beautiful he looks when he’s clean and shiny…even WITH the highlights on his right side!

The time at the barn was sandwiched between time with EG and time as a family.  I really LOVE Saturdays – especially when the weather is relatively nice!  The funny thing is that I have no idea what we actually DID with all the free time.  I know we did a little shopping, a little walking, a little talking, and a little playing…but did we really fill the whole day up with nothing?  Hmmm. I guess I don’t mind that as much as I thought!

Tomorrow we barbeque. Mmmmm. Let’s hope Jake makes it over.  I’m craving some of his cooking…….but then…what recipe would I post?!?!?

Daddy, EG, and the dogs throwing rocks into the lake

Sometimes I feel like I live in a park - the front yard

The Rhododendrons are starting to bloom

We have one of these Rhode bushes hidden away. It's unique, and not one I've seen anywhere else...still need to find out what variety it is. But it's much more vintage looking - total shabby chic

Day lilies are already blooming. WHAAAAA????

Just above the rose garden

The lilacs that we pruned incorrectly last year - and way to the vegetable garden!

The moon over the rose garden


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  1. Melissa, have you considered picking a theme to correspond with a day of the week? Like recipes on one day, gardening on another, organizing tips on another, then post on weekends about what happened during the week? Just an idea…hope it inspires! 🙂

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