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I never though I’d say this…

Deer Park Farms has a rooster. WTF?!?! I never in a million years would have ever thought that there would be any kind of poultry pecking their way around DPF.  I find them gross and dirty, loud and annoying.  BUT – Deer Park Farms has a rooster.

Calixto (the groundskeeper next door at the barn) decided that he needed to get rid of Mr. Rooster and that Victor would be the perfect recipient and caregiver for the plump bundle of feathers.  When I was informed of our new tenant, I thought for SURE I had misunderstood what was being said – my Spanish isn’t always perfect.

“Un GALLO???????”




I learned he was shacked up in what used to be the feed shack next to where the horses used to be.  Oh my lord. I’m still not sure how I feel about this whole thing…and to be honest, I’m not sure the damn thing is going to make it through the week.  The coyotes are up there all the time, and it just kinda seems like a sitting duck (or chicken, in this case).  We’ll see what happens….

Oh…..My……GOD!!!!!!! I just had a HORRIBLE thought. BOOTS.  How the HECK are we going to keep Boots from that damn thing. If he finds it (which he will) he’ll devour the thing…….or worse the damn thing will peck Boots’ eyes out. Oh lord. What am I going to do???



Just before I heard about the Rooster - check out her boots!!!!

She had her own ideas about the presentation of this dish...

How she got that beautiful display! 🙂

This flower is stunning...one of the bulbs I received as a birthday gift from Charlene


3 Comments to “I never though I’d say this…”

  1. Aysha Strausbaugh

    you crack me up…lol
    Love you and the pics

  2. Michelle Freeman

    so funny! i hate the fact that roosters crow so early and wake you up. let me know how that goes for you. love EG’s boots. too cute. We got Makalah riding with a child saddle and helmet. will post pics sometime when my desktop is set back up.

  3. I prefer to call it the “Papen Family Cock”

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