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Delayed Embarrassment

I have no idea if any of you can relate to this, but I’m sitting in bed, with a bright red face and cringing…I’m trying my darndest to think of something other than my mistake, but just can’t.

Tonight my friend Pilar’s mother-in-law hosted a very intimate dinner to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Tragesser baby #2 (we met Tim and Pilar in our birthing class, and became fast friends.  Jaden and EG are only 3 days apart).  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to have some much needed girl time, but definitely felt the pressure to get everything packed and ready for my trip tomorrow, get Ellie Graye settled at Lorena’s, and then try to look halfway presentable before arriving.  I was very proud of myself when I looked at my watch and was only 15 minutes behind schedule.  Just as I was about to turn the corner onto the Senior Tragesser’s street, Pilar sent me a text message asking if I got lost.

“Hmmm. That’s odd, I’m hardly late…” I felt tears welling up feeling completely overwhelmed, and hoping that I hadn’t held everything up.  I arrived and was greeted by smiling familiar faces, and was soon enjoying myself, and probably talking WAY too much.  We had a great time, and even though all we talked about seemed to be babies, it was appropriate for the event and I was able to actually enjoy talking about the “baby” experience.  I left a little bit late (I’m always late), but really had a wonderful time.  I’m so excited for Pilar and Tim, and can’t wait to meet baby Lucy.

Fast forward to 10 minutes ago.  Ellie is conked out; my bag is packed (mostly with vodkas); the dogs are tucked in; I’m waiting for Jeffrey to arrive.  As I replayed the night in my head, I went through the usual review:

“I think I talked about myself too much.”

“I should have asked more questions.”

“I should have said more positive things about babies.”

“Was I too negative?”

“Did I interrupt anyone?”

Then finally, I recalled Pilar’s text message, and decided to check the evite.  There in big, bold font it says,

6 pm.

6 pm. NOT 6:30 pm. My face flushed, tears again rushed to my eyes, and then I got that cringing feeling that makes your eyes squint and your nose crinkle.  Oh man. The first time I go to dinner at Mrs. Tragesser’s home, and I’m not just 15 minutes late – I’m FOURTY-FIVE minutes late.  Oh man. Oh MAN. I’m sooooooo mortified. Ugh.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has done this kinda thing.  Seriously, I feel like such a LOSER!

Other than completely making myself look like a disrespectful, flakey, irresponsible person, the day was what I expected it to be: full.

Aside from all the regular responsibilities, I:

1. Prepped a ton of food for the weekend.  It will be Jeffrey’s first time having the Ellie Bear overnight without help, and I want to make it as easy as possible!

2. Started the filtering process for the latest batch of Blackberry Liquour.

2. Avdoo had his second acupuncture appointment (which I was late to), and did great again.

3. Ran to Costco for a bunch of last minutes supplies – including soaker hoses…which are the cheapest there.

4. Returned some clothes to Target that were just too big (since when is an extra small HUGE????).

5. Talked to my SuperMom cousin Sarah, and realized that she has not only inspired and helped me grow as a woman and mother, but also helped me gain confidence and push for excellence.  Thank you, Sarah. You mean more to me than words can tell.

6. Picked up prescriptions.

7. Prepped Boots’ medicine so that Jeffrey doesn’t have to deal with cutting pills in half…then dealt with a little constipation issue of the aforementioned beagle…apparently pureed pumpkin cleans them out!

6. Bagged all the horses’ grain for the weekend.  Again, trying to keep this weekend as simple as possible for Jeffrey!

7. Finished packing, hung out with Ellie as much as possible, and that was about it.

Oh, yeah, and showed up late to a dinner party.


The morning sky

The driveway has a canopy now!

She really, really, really felt like the bracelets should be allowed in bed with her....


4 Comments to “Delayed Embarrassment”

  1. we HAVE to film the Blackberry process – thats just too cool llokin

  2. Thanks for making me do the impossible and cry biatch. xoxo.

  3. Melissa, it is harder for you than most to miss the boat. You are famous among your peers for being “together”.
    But alas, you slipped into humanskin for a moment and felt what it was like for the majority of us earthlings.
    Reflecting on occasional moments of dorkiness is a wonderful cure for perfectionism. It has always helped me to quickly get over “it”.
    love your blog.

  4. Michelle Freeman

    you think you committed a social snafoo. To make you feel better….. my hubby and I forgot to pick up his grandma one night for a planned concert in Ashland that she had paid for. Yikes! it to us a while to get back into her good graces. have fun in LA.

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