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I’m beyond ready to go to sleep!  The weekend was fantastic, but I’m wiped out: too much fun was had!  The bbq last night at Renee’s house lasted far past my bedtime, and then I was up out the door before 8 am.

Erin and Gina

This shot makes me laugh.

Who thought it was a good idea to put a paparazzi and a celebrity nanny in the same small apartment? This picture we're being nice....but woah, that's some tension


Avi and Renee (sorry for making you stay, Avi! I think I might have been a bit pushy! Ha)

The new daddy - Seth and Sydney (2.5 weeks old!)

The last time I flew out of LAX, the security line took nearly and hour to get through, so I made sure I was there with lots of time to spare.  Of course, this time there wasn’t a soul in line, I breezed through and then had an hour and a half to kill!  Interestingly enough, the girl who sat next to me on the flight was carrying a George, Gina, and Lucy handbag – of course, I had to say something seeing as how I’ve been helping my friend Dani get bags on the red carpet…told her about the shipment that just arrived at Bella Bellies, and suggested she head on over there!  The bags really are just irresistible!

My mother picked me up from the airport in our car at about 1:30, and after dropping her at her house, I headed straight to pick up my hip x-rays from last year, then drove on over to see the Orthopedic Surgeon.  Tomorrow morning I have to have an MRI to see what’s up with all this damn pain…

After the doctor’s appointment, I was finally able to drive home, but was only there 30 minutes before we had to head out again.  The lease on our Mercedes is up in a week or two, and we decided to get a Honda Accord to replace it: practical, durable, and roomy (we were pretty close to going for the Camry, but are way happier with our decision to stick with Honda).  So, off we headed to the dealership, and after an hour or so of haggling, I just couldn’t deal anymore.  My eyes were shutting, I couldn’t stop yawning, and I was starving.  Jeffrey decided to stay and I headed on home with the Bear.

The clover is just starting to bloom - in a week, the field will be solid red!!!

EG and I took a quick shower, and had some good laughs together, then it was bed time for her…but first, she had to show just how cute she is!

Aaaah, she’s just so darn refreshing!


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  1. Michelle Freeman

    EG has a great sense of fashion. love the boots!

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