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Playing Catch-Up

I’m back!!! And despite my relative silence, the last few days have been jam-packed with activity.  Our T1 high-speed internet went out on Thursday afternoon because of a thunderstorm that hit.  So for five days, we had no access to the good ol’ internet.  Ugh.

Thursday’s storm also brought hail: LOTS of hail.  My poor seedlings had only been planted the day or two before, and had not had time to settle into their new homes.  I thought they’d be ok, but after a friend asked me about them on Saturday night, I discovered a rather depressing sight.  None of my tomatoes made it; none of my eggplants made it; and only one or two of my peppers made it.  So, all that work?  And yeah, I headed off to Wilco to go buy organic starts.  Oh well, such is life on the farm – I couldn’t bring myself to take photos of the devastation…but the hail was impressive!

I was lucky enough to have brought in lots and lots of flowers before the weather turned nasty.  It helped cheer up the house and keep things feeling like spring.  I discovered how to cut a clematis for a vase, and have been thrilled to finally be able to bring these beautiful flowers indoors!  Normally, they would last only an hour or so in the vase, but by following their stem all the way back to the woddy part of their stem, and cutting them there they last several days (there are a couple other steps, but I’ll spare you the details).

We celebrated Lorena’s birthday with a dinner on Friday night – you may have seen the recipe for Cinnamon and Sugar Cakes that I made as dessert.  A great time was had by all, and I’m pretty sure Lorena appreciated the gesture, even if we were a week late with the celebration!

There were other major events over the days I was MIA.

1. We have been getting quotes from various tree guys, and it looks like we may have to sell my right arm and possibly my right foot to have it fixed.  I can’t believe how incredibly expensive it all is.

2. Jake has been staying here pretty much full time – I love it.  He’s staying out in the “new office” until we can get around to building something else more self-sufficient.  He posted a panoramic photo of the set up…

3. Frankie fell and cut himself up again pretty badly; thankfully it wasn’t anything serious.  Avdoo is continuing his acupuncture treatments, and seems to be improving bit by bit.

4. We went out on the town with a group of our close friends to celebrate Mark Radich’s 40th birthday.  A good time was had by all, but I think the photos might need to remain locked up.

My wonderful husband and I

5. We had our first real harvest of radishes, and I’m hoping to pickle them sometime over the next couple of days.  I’m not a big fan of radishes, but according to Jake, these ones are different than the variety most grocery stores carry.  Ellie is almost always willing to try new foods, and, well, you can see for yourself what she thought of those little red balls!

Checking it out...

Trying it out...

Spitting it out!

Here, Mom! YOU have it!

6. Ellie has started swimming to the bottom of the pool almost completely on her own…she’s still working on getting her bottom up and her head down, but she did REALLY well today.  She’s so independent in the water, I love it.  I couldn’t be more proud of the little munchkin.

7. Jack Intlekofer (Renee’s dad) came to visit for an hour or two on his way to pick up his wife from the airport. The live in Bend, Oregon, and while it isn’t terribly far, I don’t see him as often as I’d like to.  He’s been a father figure to me for a long time now, and I’m “one of his girls” as he says.  Ellie showed off to Grandpa Jack, and we had a great visit.  I found out he was coming rather last minute, and hadn’t planned dinner.  When I arrived home from my errands, I opened the freezer and scrounged around for food: frozen butternut squash pasta sauce and frozen pork chops.  Within an hour, we were eating the most amazing soup I’ve ever made (and I’m NOT kidding you); Jake and I named it the Sultry Squash Stew.  It’s seriously SCRUMMY YUMMY!

8. Hip injections. My orthopedic gave me my first injection of cortisone in my left hip.  I’m hoping that it’ll relieve some of the intensity of the pain, as I have days where I just plain ol’ can’t walk.  Other times I can’t sleep from the pain.  My x-rays and MRIs have come back pretty normal, aside from shallow joint cups and bursitis in both hips.  In this case, that’s a good thing.  If the injection works, then the solution is easy:  shots every 6 months, and we’re golden.  If it doesn’t work, then the orthopedic can’t help me any more, and I’ll be seeing a general surgeon to determine whether or not it might be a hernia.  Yeah. Fun. So far today I haven’t had a single twinge of pain, but I’ll know in a week or so whether that’s just because I’m having a good day, or the stuff is actually doing what it’s supposed to!  Cross your fingers for me!

9.  Boots and Jax continue to be their usual rambunctious selves.  With the rain being so consistent, they are going stir-crazy from lack of constant exercise and they’re driving me NUTS!  But at least there haven’t been any trips to the vet, and they’ll be outside again soon enough!

Boots wanted to play, but EG shot him down to go cuddle with Jax!

Hard to hate a face like that!

I’m sure there are a million other stories I could share, but I’m just too damn tired….so I’ll catch you up on the rest at another time!


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