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There are certain experiences that reinvigorate my desire to grow, move forward, and pursue my dreams with all the passion, vibrancy, and fortitude that I can muster.  Being surrounded by my amazingly successful, smart, beautiful, and absolutely vivacious friends yesterday has lit a fire under my ass.  Hang out with these girls, and high-achievement just seems to be the norm. There’s Renee who is in her second year as a writer for One Tree Hill.  There’s Gina who works on the show Extreme Home Makeover.  There’s Erin Cummings who is a working actress about to become a household name.  My girls are inspiring!  They are amazing women and are incredibly supportive and loving.

Gina Salemi - the soft, sweet one in the group...but don't think she isn't a force to be reckoned with

While becoming a successful actress, Erin used to work as a massage therapist, and she give THE best butt massage.....SERIOUSLY

We spent the day on the patio at Renee’s.  We laughed and laughed and laughed, acted stupid, and just had a beautiful time acting like completely irresponsible and immature adults.  My self-esteem always gets a good boost just because they’re around.  I look at them and think, “How the hell am I in a group of such pretty, smart, and successful women?”  I never would have thought that I’d ever be in a group so hip, so cool, so beautiful, so successful, and just so damn kick-ass. I mean, come on, I was the girl who grew up in a cult, wore prairie dresses, plaited my hair, and whose first movie in a theatre was Speed in 1994 (yes, for those of you who are doing the math, I was still in the church…and we went with boys! SHAME!!!!).  But, here I am, and they’re my best friends – so I know I’ve got to have at least some of those quailties myself!  My biggest weakness is thinking I don’t deserve all the things I have – but as a new friend Katy Conner said to me last night, “You just need to accept that you rock. No really. Seriously. You rock.” (Thanks, Katy!).

Newest friend and new friend (Seth and Josh). This was how the whole night was. Look at that smile. Love it.

More laughter

and more laughter....

I’m now stuck in Sacramento since our flight out of LAX was delayed because of a medical emergency….I’m anxious to get home to Ellie – she had to spend the night at Grandma’s again because of the flight mix up (Jeffrey, of course, had to catch a flight tonight too).  I can’t wait to hold that little munchkin!  I’m ready to be home!!!!!


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