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I’m completely and utterly exhausted.  I’m running on an average of 4 hours of sleep a night – and none of those have been all in a row.  My life here at DPF has obviously not slowed down, and now we’ve added trying to film this audition to the whole thing.  Three nights of working until 4 am, and then EG getting up at 7 has just killed me….BUT I believe in what I’m doing; I’m passionate about what I’m doing; and I know it’s going to lead to something bigger.  And so, I keep on keeping on!  We’re in the process of editing everything tonight, and will probably have to re-shoot a couple of segments, but things are coming together.  I’m going to need all of you to help me out when it comes time to vote…

my director, lighting guy, camera guy, editor, and acting coach

I needed to loosen up a bit while I was brainstorming!

Ellie Graye helps with the editing!

My camera has, sadly enough, had the last couple days off other than the Murphy’s baby celebration.  I usually take 150 – 200 photos every day, and today I only took FIVE!  Oh my god! It’s the end of the world!  I was able to capture Jeffrey taking a dive off of the diving board on our first warm day of summer…he’s a brave soul – the water was only 65 degrees!!! He’s CRAZY!!!  Ellie got the biggest kick out of watching the whole spectacle!

With Ellie, the chores around the farm, making sure we’re all fed, and trying to make it onto Oprah’s Network, I haven’t had much time for anything else!!!!  Ellie continues to be her cute self, and created her first original dish: Corn and Peanut Butter Sandwich. Yum.

I wonder if I should post this recipe 🙂


Talking to her Great-Grandmother “Grandody” on Skype! Check out the French Braids!!!! 😀

In the nightgown Grandody gave her last Christmas


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  1. Love the braids! Where did you learn to do that? LOL

  2. What is is that you are doing, or where is this all going, or why are you so exhausted, and why Oprah? Sorry I haven’t been following the sequence. Then, will you be able to rest?

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