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Out of Practice

I sat down an hour ago to start writing tonight’s post…….and here I am, still staring at a blank entry.  I thought about trying a glass of wine to get me moving, but then I remembered the strawberries that were sitting in the sink waiting to be hulled, put in with some vodka, and then hidden away in the basement until the yumminess of summer is ready to spill into a glass….once I finished starting the vodka, I remembered that I needed to get food ready for tomorrow for our lunch guests.  Which made me remember that there was a load of laundry in the washer that needed to be moved to the dryer. When I stepped into the laundry room, I discovered that there were clothes already IN the dryer; those clothes consequently needed to be folded. My phone chimed, and I discovered that my friend Sharon was looking for a good leek recipe, and since I just served a delicious leek recipe to Jeffrey tonight, I HAD to let her know that I’d be typing up the recipe before too long.  I headed into the living room to start typing up the recipe.  As I passed the dogs, I noticed that I hadn’t taken their collars off…while taking the dogs’ collars off…I remembered EG’s birthday is coming up, and well…I think you get the picture:  I’m having a rough time focusing on blogging tonight.

I wonder if  I should just hit the hay to prepare for another week full of plans and excitement….

I can hardly believe that I have 58,000 votes on my Oprah audition video…it’s not the millions I would need to make the top 5, but I certainly think it’s enough to garner attention from the producers.  So many of my readers, friends, old friends, and family have been incredibly supportive, encouraging, and have been going above and beyond to “get the word out” – THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Now I need to go type up the Spicy Asian Leek soup recipe I made, and Sharon wants……………………………………..ugh. I”m too tired….Sharon, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow!

GO VOTE and add a few more votes to my 58,000!  http://myown.oprah.com/audition/index.html?request=video_details&response_id=11259&promo_id=1


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