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It’s HOT!

Each night this week, I have had every intention of writing an entry.  Yesterday I was determined to write something, but all I managed to do was spew out a paragraph and post some photos…my creative skills seem to have disappeared along with all of the money I’ve been spending on my animals.  Boots has some kind of upper respiratory infection, and is on a new round of medication.  WTH???? Seriously, what is up with him?  I think he was jealous of all the attention Jax has been getting and decided to turn the focus back on him.  Thing is that at this point, he’s such an investment, I have to keep protecting that investment.  I think I could probably have bought a small car at this point. Free dog? My a**.

Off to go huntin'.....it's a good thing he's so damn cute

Boots’ trip to the vet was the easy part of my week, though.  We’ve been busy with all sorts of activities around DPF.  I made a much needed trip to Penzey’s Spices and, according to the cashier, left with one of the biggest orders he has ever rung up.  I LOVE their spices and their prices.  Even if you don’t have a Penzey’s store, ordering from them will still beat getting your spices at a market – they’re cheap and the quality is way, way, way higher.  On top of that, you’ll have a chance to try some spices that you never even knew existed!  Honestly, I’m thrilled they’re here in Portland…

I brought home three of those Penzey's Brown Bags.....full of potential! I love it!

The beautiful crimson clover which has turned into ugly dry brown fields has finally been cut and is now drying in the fields.  They’ll come back in the near future to collect all the seeds, and harvest them for reselling.  I have a fascination with their big machinery, and asked Scott if he’d let me drive the tractor when they come harvest!  I can’t wait to poke around on that thing!  I was happy I got the photos that I did of the tractor in action since apparently they have to cut the clover before the temperature gets too high.  If it’s too hot outside, the seed pods burst and they lose their harvest.  Fascinating, huh?

The heat has been pretty intense this week, and it is, of course, the week that the air conditioning decides to blow.  The thing is about 20 years old, so I suppose it was time, but damn, it’s hot inside! With temperatures outside reaching into the upper 90s, the pool has been a much appreciated luxury!  We happily welcome people to use the pool, so we’ve had visitors every day this week!  I just wish I could spend more time with them instead of running around!  We did have a day of underwater filming of EG – and got some awesome footage of her diving for rings, swimming underwater, floating, and just being EG.  Jake is busy doing actual work, so he hasn’t had time to edit it yet, but as soon as I have it, you know I’ll post it here!

Uncle Jake throwing rings for EG to get

Exhausted from a day in the pool....

but the goggles stay on, darn it!

Today was my mother’s birthday  (we celebrated on Monday, but the photos are on Jeffrey’s computer, and I haven’t had a chance to figure out how to get them onto mine!).  Happy Birthday, Mom! You’re my inspiration, my pillar, and above all my friend.  Thank you for teaching me how to love, how to see the good in everyone (at least in MOST people), and how to create a home that is welcoming, safe, and warm (However, I do think I might have taken this whole “warm home” thing a little to literally this week).  My relationships are richer, more fulfilling, and certainly more diverse because of your example of love, acceptance and true openness!  Loves ya!

Ok, now it’s time to sleep.  Jeffrey’s sister, brother-in-law and her three kids arrived tonight, so we’ll have a full weekend, I am quite sure!  Let’s see if the whirrrrrrrrrr of the fan will drown out the buzz, snap, pop of the bug light………………


Another batch of Strawberry Jam - more than likely the last

A gorgeous moon - another night I wish I knew how to work my camera

Here come the zucchini!

The neighbor girls help me in the garden for an hour or so, then get to swim! It's a great deal for all of us!

Ellie loves having them...

She also loves picking fresh peas...

and eating them! YUMMMMMY

The Wild Cherries are ready for picking - stay tuned for the video

They're sour alone, but amazing after 6 months in vodka!


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  1. Loved this entry Melissa! Gonna look up the spice store. It kills me how much spices cost at the gro store. I too love spices. Love the jam! You are amazing!! Can’t wait to see the video regarding the wild cherries. Can you also post how to do the vodkas? I have never tried it…but we are about to explode with blackberries here pretty quick and I would love to try it. I have no intentions of doing anything like you do…but I thought it would be fun to try one batch with the blackberries. xoc

  2. Melissa, you live in a creative bubble. fear not.
    You share about everything, good, bad, and ugly.

  3. Thanks so much for the sweet note Melissa.

    Got all choked up over it. . .

    Again, ditto to Mary.
    Her comments are sheer poetry.

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