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The past few days have been so incredibly tense, stressful, and emotional, that I’m not even sure that I want to delve into the details. In fact, I’m not going to.  I feel raw, depleted, and spent. I’m trying desperately to get back to my roots, and to hold on to the strength that has kept me growing and standing all these years, but I’m struggling.  My emotional reality is, quite simply, frightening – so I’m just going to post some photos and hope they hide the black clouds hanging over my head.  If there’s one thing that my past taught me, it’s that I have to keep on “keeping on.”  One foot goes in front of the other foot; day by day, hour by hour, and suddenly I’ll be through it.

Ok, enough venting. On to the photos.


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  1. Melissa, maybe explaining what you mean by roots can help us go through this with you.
    Wishing you peace, Mary

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