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There’s nothing like having Ellie’s little hand slipping into mine, her little face up-turned, looking into my eyes….then, suddenly: “NO, MOMMY! NO, MOMMY! NO, MOMMY, NO!!!!!!!!!!!”  Yes, my darling baby girl is “precocious.”

Speaking of precocious makes me think of Mary Poppins, or “Mommy Poppins” as Ellie likes to call her.  It’s the current obsession ’round DPF.  Umbrellas, “dancing” horses, kite flying, feeding the birds all seem to be the focus of Ellie’s little brain.  Oh….and “tea parties on ceilings” even if just with her bears. Nope, this wasn’t my idea!

She's quite the hostess!

Thankfully her brain is still working – she took a nasty fall down the basement stairs yesterday, but aside from a massive bruise on her forehead, she’s fine.  I might be a little more than paranoid about keeping the door down there locked, but hey, that’s a mother’s right!

A closer look......OUCH!

Mom and Susie came over for dinner tonight on a random last minute invitation.  While at the market the other day, I noticed a boxed organic Ginger-Carrot soup, and with all the hundreds of carrots I have in the garden, I thought it might be a good way to use them.  When I mentioned it to Jake last night, he got all excited, but said, “You should make a ragout and than turn it into a dessert.”  Which got me thinking….hmmmm…carrot-ginger ice cream. No…not quite what I’m imagining. Hmmm. Something gingery and nutty and creamy and…..oh!!!!! how about a cheesecake!  Then it was scrounging trying to come up with the perfect recipe.  I didn’t want carrot CAKE…I wanted it to be cheesecake.  I managed to figure out a recipe that tasted delicious in the bowl, and that was the reason we threw dinner together tonight!  The taste test went well…but I need to perfect the recipe.  It needs more carrot and less orange flavor (I did a double layer cheesecake).  So I think my family is going to be having this cheesecake every day for the next two weeks until I get everything just right! Ha.

Grandma brought the lei....she had already accessorized with the towel around her waist...at least I was able to convince her to wear something underneath it!

She's ambidextrous! Here she's using her right hand....

and her left hand....


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  1. Like mother like daughter, eh? (Apart from falling down the stairs, of course. 🙂 Adorable. It’s so fun to see her grow and change. Can’t wait for the teen years! Lol

  2. Oh my goodness-her and Nora are so much alike. It kills me that they are not best friends yet. One day I hope they will be!

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