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Yes! Flowers!

22 September 2010

Fall is definitely here – and as Jake said recently, it’s freaking GORGEOUS in the Pacific Northwest in late summer and early autumn……..when it’s not raining!  The first leaves are starting to fall, and while on one hand it’s depressing, on the other hand it means we’re putting this year behind us!

My late summer flowers are on their way out, but are still a sight to behold.

I’m still pretty disappointed that my hydrangeas never produced any flowers, my oldest daphne finally gave up the ghost, and 90% of my bulbs never even broke ground.  The biggest disappointment of all this year is the absence of any dahlias.  I love them so much, and had dozens planted last year — none of which came up.  I spent a good amount of money on no tubers, and there’s NOTHING.  I’m bummed.

Today, however, I found myself in a little piece of heaven.  Colin and Susie both love dahlias almost as much as I do, and asked me to do flowers for next week’s celebration……and they specifically asked for Dahlias.  WOO HOO!  It so happens that Swan Island Dahlias (America’s largest grower) is only 25 minutes from here and has great prices.  So off I went to order a few white and fall color dahlias.  Ok. Stop. Woah. I had NO idea there were so many different types, colors, shades, sizes, or shapes of the same flower.  I drooled my way around the demonstration garden.

The weather was absolutely perfect – not too hot, not too cold with the sun bouncing around on all the flowers.  Simply gorgeous.

I brought home a few bunches of dahlias to play with them and come up with a plan of attack.  I’m pretty happy with the arrangements – let’s just hope I can repeat them! 🙂

I’m not sure I love the real tall one, but it’s a start!

Aside from going to the flower growers’, I also went and checked out the barn that Avdoo is moving to……..and it’s great! The trainer there is really laid back, and the barn is clean, and has a great energy.  I’ll be able to get Avdoo going in both Dressage and Hunters and who knows, maybe I’ll actually do something with him!  I’m feeling a little encouraged, though I’m still pretty sad about letting go of Frank.  I’m sure I’ll get into a routine and time will help with my hurting heart.

Ellie Graye was, of course, her usual theatrical, dynamic, spunky self today.  I found an Ariel wig at Target, and while I didn’t think she’d wear it, I showed it to her anyway.  The first time round, she wanted nothing to do with it.  Later on, she saw it sitting by the door (I was going to return it), and she asked to put it on.  It was absolutely hysterical.  Oh, my lord. She’s such a HAM!!!!!

playing follow the leader with Uncle Jakey

So even though my day was one of those that never gave me the chance to catch a breath, it was all-in-all a good day.  I like good days – I could use a few strung together, but for now I just say,



Playing with Uncle Jakey down by the lake


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