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“One Day On Earth” dailies

11 October 2010

A couple of Jakey’s clips from shooting yesterday (10.10.10) for the One Day On Earth project.

“A Perfect Day” by da unkle, Buddy Judge.

Jakey Made This!

2 Comments to ““One Day On Earth” dailies”

  1. Awesome. Perfectly awesome.
    Nothing like “facing your fears” taking video of the creature who caused you so much pain and discomfort.

    Thanks for taking the time to post these.

  2. Just when it couldn’t get weirder. That is no bee. Neither is it a yellow jacket, a wasp or even a “beefly”. Rather it is, quite unmistakably, a “hoverfly”. Despite spending my adolescent years *sans television* in the library reading books on biology ad infinitum, and voraciously reading countless treatises on both the birds and (*ahem*) the bees – I had never heard of hoverflies.



    Imagine my surprise. Apparently this little creature is quite the renaissance insect, and an actor’s actor. It serves both as a natural pest eradicator (esp. aphids), an important pollinator and a master of disguises – the larvae (maggots if you must) are often found in bumblebee and termite nests in addition to the more predictable compost heaps and stagnant water.

    Quite the acrobatic Casanova as well…


    And the denizens of the interweb have taken notice as well – that photo was a Commons Picture Of The Year 2006. Brilliant.


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