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Jingle Bells

16 December 2010

Ellie Graye has been in preschool now for several months, and I have avoided any of the “parental participation” activities like the plague.  I feel about these “events” about the same way I feel about church: I put in my time.  I did, however, request that Ellie’s teacher let me know when an event would be an important one so that I could be sure to show up.  I’ll skip the tea and cakes with only moms, but there’s no way in hell I’ll miss something that will have meaning to my daughter down the road.  And so, tonight, I went to my very first “Ellie Graye” event.  I hauled along Jeffrey, Victor, Lorena, Yovani, Jeffrey’s Aunt Lois, Grandma Lene, and Bampa Ed. Yes, Ellie had her own fan club.

I have to admit that throughout the last two weeks, I had started to get a little excited about the whole sha-bang.  Seems funny to me, really, since I have been so adamantly against having to go watch a bunch of kids screaming and protesting as their teachers and parents force them to perform.  But Ellie convinced me that this was something that couldn’t be missed!

“Dingle bells, Dingle bells, Dingle all the waaaaaaay” has been ringing through the house, accompanied by an ornament consisting of a bundle of incredibly loud jingle bells.  She was so animated and threw herself into the hollering of the song (I can’t quite say she was singing).  Needless to say, the cuteness factor drew me in, and I found myself driving down the road heading to the Preschool Christmas Program.

Suddenly, Ellie’s voice broke through the Christmas carols streaming out of the iPhone.

“MOMMMMMMMMMMMMY! Ellie has to go pee-pee!”

“You have a diaper, darling, it’s ok.”




“Ellie have pee-pee in my shoes.”

I turned around. Her face was hidden by her gorgeous little Christmas skirt, which she was pulling up to show me the disaster that was her car seat, tights and shirt. They were soaked. I had forgotten to check her pull-up or have her use her potty before we left, and apparently, those handy-dandy disposable panties are not meant to hold more than one accident.

“Oh Lord.”

When we stopped to pick up Victor and Lorena, I jumped out of the car, pulled her out of her seat, and proceeded to remove the urine soaked sweater tights.  It had been so long since a soak through had happened, that I was caught completely unprepared.  I had no change of clothes, it was 38º F, and I was already running late for the function.  I decided that she would be fine with bare legs, despite the cold.  I think Lorena might suspect I’m a horrible mother, but I just didn’t see any other way! I have to admit, I wasn’t so thrilled with the idea of Ellie being exposed to the cold, but there just wasn’t enough time to go home or to stop to buy something new.  We piled back in the car, and Ellie excitedly talked about her new found freedom from tights.

Jeffrey had been running late with a conference call, and had left shortly after me.  I called and asked him to bring some dry tights and a couple of white shirts so that Ellie could at least have dry clothes for the ride home.  He had already left, but made a quick u-turn and headed back home. We arrived on time, and rushed Ellie inside to avoid frost bite.  Her little skirt poofed out, and I swear that no one noticed her bare legs – it’s the one time I’m grateful that she inherited my insanely white skin!

Ellie’s class was second in line, and Jeffrey hadn’t arrived, so I started conniving ways to stall the performances so he could see our Bear sing with all the “otros children.”  Just as Ellie’s class started filing in, Jeffrey’s head peeked in the door, and I could breathe again.

I panic a bit in moments like that. I know how much Jeffrey wants to participate in things, and how difficult it is for him to manage it.  I’m not sure that I’m very pleasant to be around when I’m trying to figure out why it’s taking him so long to get somewhere, but I’m quite sure that my cranky moments are simply because I don’t want to have to deal with the disappointment of not having him with us!

All eight of us (yes, EIGHT) stood or sat right up front, so we had a perfect view of the insane cuteness!

Bampa Ed and Gah-Gah

Lorena and Victor came along

Ellie chose not to sing along with the other children, but did jingle her bells and manage to steal the show before the songs started…then once her class was done, she decided that she wasn’t quite done and joined the next class up front. I do believe her favorite part was when the adults clapped for them. Oh dear, I think she might have some of those “performance” genes that a few other people I know have!  Let’s try to funnel it into swimming, huh?


2 Comments to “Jingle Bells”

  1. Here in Japan, girls will wear a skirt like that all throughout the winter… whether three-year-olds playing outside at preschool, or high-school girls walking to school. To an American like me, it seems insane, but it’s more common than not. Even preschool boys often wear shorts, and play outside in them, and no one bats an eye. Freaks me out… I wrap my kid up in layers, but like you, have on occasion appreciated the latitude when an oopsie or the like rendered me with fewer layers than I felt appropriate.

  2. She did great! At least you had her dressed! I showed up (with Hannah) in jeans and a shirt. I missed the memo about the dress code and actually didn’t even know about the party until a few hours before. The joys of constantly running around like mad. 🙂

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