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Stockings and Letters

18 December 2010

There are a couple of things I love and a couple of things I hate about myself.  Sometimes, like I’m sure it is with everyone, the two are one and the same.  So it is tonight.

I love that I’m able to take things that seem ordinary or plain, stare at them long enough, think about them long enough, and then wam-bam I come up with something fun and creative to do with them.  My childhood friend Lisa Garay is like that too.  I love that about her.

I’m not sure if she’d agree with me, but the reality about this whole “talent” is that I can never just do the ordinary or the expected.  I have to constantly invent new things, create new ways of presenting things, discover new combinations of things, find new uses for objects with well-defined purposes.  I beat myself up if I can’t come up with something that’s “uniquely me.”  I live by my motto of “taking whatever it is I have” – to the extreme!  This time, while I’ve stayed up far too late, I love what I came up with!

Last year, a tree had fallen and the wood was gorgeous.  I had Victor slice 1/4 inch pieces of the smaller branches, knowing that I’d one day find some odd use for them!  They’ve been sitting on my desk for ages now, and until today had found no new purpose.  As I stuffed stockings with all the tidbits I’ve picked up over the year, I started searching for letters to identify each stocking with its owners first initial.  I couldn’t find any stickers or die-cuts, but I did find a wood burning letter set that I had bought at Michael’s on clearance several years ago.  AHA!!!!!  Perfect! I drilled a small hole in the top of each slice of wood, then set to work burning a letter and some holly.  They may not be the most professional looking things, but I’m damn happy with them!  Woo hoo!

Now to come up with a menu for Christmas Eve.  Crap. Oh the joys of unstoppable creativity!


What a great Uncle!


3 Comments to “Stockings and Letters”

  1. Love them! What was the small hole for? Is that fishing line to attach the letter?

  2. Oh, and isn’t Santa supposed to fill the stockings, ding dong? You only have about a year or two to get away with THAT nonsense.
    It looks awesome. You know I only give you grief out of pure jeal…errrr…love.

  3. Yes, Sarah, the hole is to tie them on with fishing line…….

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