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Holiday Chaos

20 December 2010

“Oh my goodness! I can’t believe Christmas is only a few days away!” It’s almost as common as hearing, “Merry Christmas!” around this time of year.  For my part, however, I’ve been in the holiday spirit ever since that all-nighter I pulled decorating our tree!  The house is filled with Christmas decorations, gifts, and holiday music, and with the constant stream of friends and family visiting from out of town, I feel like Christmas has been here forever!

I finally have a reprieve from constantly having people in my house, but in some ways it seems too quiet.  I got used to the constant hum of people in the living room!  I must also say that having my dad, sister and niece in town was the absolute highlight of the last few months.  My niece Sydney and Ellie Graye are old enough to play together now, and seem to have created some kind of secret bond. Aside from only a couple very “2-year-old” sharing issues, they were happy, content, and seldom apart from each other.

Uncle Colin's unfinished fireplace makes a great playground

Auntie Hannah and the girls having a tea party

Grandad was an instant hit with both the girls, and I loved watching Ellie as she showed off for him.  Aaah, grandads!

Dad and Kids...

The day after my sister Hannah left, Jeffrey’s aunt Lois arrived.  So it was a quick bedding change, and back to hosting. Ellie adapted well, and Lois cemented the adoration of Ellie Graye by bringing along a princess dress, tiara, shoes, and a wand.  Ellie couldn’t have been more pleased — or looked cuter in her new dress-up clothes!

In the middle of Lois’ visit we had Ellie’s school program, a visit or two from Phyllis (she’s doing well and able to leave the nursing home for outings.  Radiation started this week), and just general busyness every where we looked. On Saturday night, however, I managed to sneek out with Jake and head to David and Wendy Eith’s Christmas party (Avdoo’s new trainers).  Wendy is apparently quite the collector of Christmas decor, because her whole house was Christmas!  I had to take a picture of her front entry way, because I LOVED the display of pinecones – I may just have to steal it next year.   I asked her what her inspiration was, and she said Anthropologie – she stole the idea straight from their window display! Love it!  I’ve got to start collecting pine cones so I’m ready for next year!


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  1. We did have a great visit. Even though it was short, it felt like we’d been there a long time, especially since Ellie Graye & Sydney Marie did so amazingly well together most of the time. I remember our walk in the rain with a smile! Go Carvey girls – wait to get a little outdoors-time. Who’s afraid of a little wetness… let’s Skype soon.

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