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Pixie Hollow at DPF

30 December 2010

When we moved from Los Angeles to DPF and started discussing room decor for the baby, we were back and forth until one day when we walked into Costco and saw the most incredible pirate bed. Both of us knew we had to have it.  We hadn’t learned whether we were having a boy or girl, but then and there, it was decided that Neverland would be the theme around which we designed our nursery…

Once the news came that a girl would be arriving, fairies appeared everywhere.  Having been out of the nanny circuit for a few years, I had had no idea that Disney had come out with the spectacular Tinkerbell movies, and boy, was I thrilled!  I’ve never been one for buying bedroom “packages,” and was determined to make the baby’s room feel authentic and unique.  I read and bought every fairy picture book, studied the story of Peter Pan, and researched the folklore surrounding fairies.  As I time went on, I started a collection of all things “fairy-like” and before I knew it, Ellie Graye arrived.  My mother had painted a mural of Neverland in one corner of the room, but the rest of it was rather hodge-podge.

So it has remained: a hodge-podge of finds thrown together haphazardly, while I tried to adjust to my new life as a mother.  Finding the inspiration to finish her bedroom was the furthest thing from my mind, as most of you know! I still collected items here and there as I saw them, but they would just get thrown onto a shelf in her room – adding to the disorganized clutter!  As Ellie has grown, she has developed a special attachment to fairies, and now I’m ready to make her room what I have envisioned it to be!

Whenever I sit and rock my little darling, I stare at all the trinkets and think, “What is it that will tie all this stuff together!?!”  For three years now, I’ve searched and thought and hoped something would just happen.  There were nights when I wished we had the money for an interior designer – just so we could get the damn room done! Unfortunately, I’m the closest thing to an interior designer that we’ve got, so progress has been slow.

After packing up all our Christmas stuff into a dozen boxes last night, I realized there were a few items that had broken, and needed replacing.  Since right now is the perfect time for bargain Christmas shopping I figured I’d give it a shot, so after dropping Ellie Graye off at preschool this morning, I headed to Michaels.  I love Michaels.  I love it how some women love Nordstroms.

I slowly weaved my way through the aisles, my eyes scanning every tiny item with a clearance tag.  Slowly my cart started filling up.  By the time I reached the aisles with the artificial flowers and garlands, my cart was overflowing.  I sifted through some holly garland (but it just reminded me of my slave-cleaning years in Hungary; there had been fake ivy on top of the cupboards in the kitchen that were covered in grease. DISGUSTING!).  I pushed them aside and scanned the aisle again.  Just as I was turning away, something caught my eye: pink, glittery boxwood leaves. I scrounged through the piles of tangled garland and gasped. Behind all of this Christmas cheesiness hung the key to Ellie’s room: both pink and purple glittery garland.

“There’s no way these are 70% off,” I thought to myself.  I checked the tags “Celebrate It Christmas” they read.  I checked the price: “$9.99” – I did the math in my head.  NO WAY!  I think I might have done my happy dance right there in the store, because as I stood there, a lady passed by and looked at me oddly.

“Aren’t they amazing!!!” I bubbled.

“Um. Sure. Are you a really girly, modern girl or something?” she smiled sheepishly.

“They’re for my daughter’s room, and I’ve been searching for three years for what I needed, because you see, I don’t like cheesy Disney decor, and……………..” She was backing away slowly, I guess she just couldn’t see what I saw!

I resumed my scavenging and soon discovered an adorable pink beaded tree that was pre-lit, as well as glittery leaves and boughs and butterflies and just about everything I needed to turn my little girl’s room into the vision I have been holding in my head!  I was thrilled.  By the time I reached the counter, I was covered head to foot in glitter, my cart was overflowing, my arms were full, and while I thought the sun was shining in my eyes, it was actually just the light reflecting off the sparkles on my nose.  I didn’t care; I felt completely comfortable in my glistening state!

My problem, however, is that I have this little issue – once I get focused on a project it’s really hard to get me off of it!  So it’s just past midnight, and the room is already almost done.  Ellie had to put up with my trying to sneak into her bedroom while she was trying to go to sleep, and I can’t say that she got to bed at a decent hour…I think the last time she said “MOMMY! ELLIE WANTS TO SLEEP!!!” was about 10 pm…at that point, I reluctantly went down stairs to finish some of the pieces that didn’t need to be assembled in her room.  I’m pretty darn happy with how these pieces turned out, and I’m amazed at how quickly I work once I have the creative juices flowing!  I collect so many odd items that often times sit for years, but they come in handy when I need that special something to complete a project (the metal “E” for instance).

The Mother Dove absolutely has to be present in Pixie Hollow! Yes, I made the stand from wood from the farm and a broken candle base that I bought at Ross for $.48

Jakie brought this fairy back from Malaysia; the shelf I found at a garage sale

As I put everything together, I realized that never spent more than $12 on any individual item in her room (other than the furniture)…I get such a high from creating beauty out of bargains. I LOVE IT!

I haven’t quite finished arranging everything (for obvious reasons), but many of the pieces are done.  All the miscellaneous items that seemed so disconnected now look as if they were meant to be together.  Aaaaah. I love when things finally make sense!  Tomorrow I’ll finish the room (hopefully), and will to my best to talk Jakie into doing a 360° photo……..PLEASE, Jake?

All for her. GOLLY GOSH, I LOVE HER! Check it out - she's reading a fairy book! 🙂


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  1. Jenn Cochran Wagstaffe

    The room looks amazing! What a lucky girl EG is to have a mommy like you & what a lucky mommy you are to have her. She reminds me so much of you when you were little!

    I used some of the same “non-Christmas” stuff from Michael’s this year to make a wreath & decorate the front yard trees. The girls Helped pick the items. They liked the non-traditional colors & everything ended up a little “Dr. Seussish”. We really like the way it turned out!

  2. WOW, that’s spectacular! Any little girl would love to have that room. That sparkly garland was a find!! Well done, Melissa!

  3. My Ellie Marie would LOVE it!!! Nice job!

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