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My First Shot at Portraits

Ok, so my dear friend Amy hit me up for a favor today.  I couldn’t really say no to her – especially when it’s something I’ve been wanting to try.  She needed photos of her son by Thursday, and asked if I’d grab my camera and follow him around DPF for an afternoon in exchange for dinner.  I’m always up for guests around here, and since I had nothing planned for dinner – why not? So….here’s my first attempt at “photography.” I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE any feedback!

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4 Comments to “My First Shot at Portraits”

  1. Arlene Carvey-Kacik

    Of course, I love the one of Will with Ellie . . . surprise, surprise.
    Otherwise, great headshots . . . hard to pick one.

    What does he need a photo for? Just curious.

  2. Some of those black and whites really sing.

  3. That’s a good looking kid with an easy smile, so one might say it’d be hard to take a bad picture of him, but when most people try it, at best they’ll get snapshots of a good looking kid, rather than a high-quality photograph, not to mention not capturing the personality in his eyes.

    Your shots, on the other hand, are really great in every sense of the word. Better than a lot of people who call themselves professional photographers.

    I’m not a fan of the B&W versions where he has the dark jacket, but the one near the upper right with the white shirt is great, but this is just an artistic preference… technically, they’re all good. The B&W with the dog in the upper left really works well, too.

    As a parent, I like the ones where he’s shrugging by the tree… you see a mix of little boy and growing-up-young man.

    Is the kid an actor or something? He seems way too comfortable in front of the camera to be from any universe I know. Maybe it’s the photographer who puts him at ease? In any case, not bad hitting a home run on your first time at the plate!

  4. Jeff,

    Thank you for the input!!! I admire your work, so your encouragement means a lot to me!

    Will isn’t an actor, nor has he been in front of a big ol’ fancy camera…but he most certainly took directions incredibly well! I told lots of fart jokes and did make myself look like a goon to get a couple of those smiles. I had a very helpful assistant in my brother Jake who has done this professionally – and had some good input on helping me give tips for body positioning (he was the one that suggested the hand on the chin, even though I wasn’t a fan of the idea at first!).

    I’m diving into a book on the D7000 so that I actually know how to WORK my damn camera, and am excited about all the new knowledge!!!

    Thank you for the input and the encouragement!

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