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It has been a long time since I attempted to write anything other than a recipe.  It’s been a bit tumultuous around here – and let’s just leave it at that.  I’m quite sure that none of you have lost sleep over the fact that the daily stories of DPF have pretty much disappeared – and in that, I take comfort.  I have missed writing…but not enough to conquer my inner voice that tells me that I don’t want ——-wait, WAIT! I’m not going to tell you guys what has been going on in my head: not this time.

ANYWAY, today was Easter – not a holiday I give two hoots about, but with a little one running around, things like Easter Bunnies and painted eggs tend to become more important than my dislike of a particularly Jesus-y day. I’m not fond of Jesus-y days.  Oversized bunny rabbits and an overload of candies I can handle, but all the other mumbo-jumbo.  No thanks…..BUT, I digress.

Looking at the weather report last week, it became abundantly clear that the best day to celebrate the emergence of spring (as I prefer to think of Easter) was yesterday.  We had finally had a break from the incessant rain, and the sun was doing its best to break everyone out of their hard core, weather-induced depressions.  It was clear that Easter Sunday was going to be just like it was: rainy.  So with a few quick phone calls, it was all arranged.  My brother Colin, his wife Susie, our friend Luke, Jake, Jeffrey and I would all watch Ellie Graye hunt for eggs and buzz around on a sugar high on the day before Easter.  It was the perfect plan.

Ellie woke up in great spirits and it was definitely contagious.  I was soon busy at work in the kitchen while Jeffrey headed out with Ellie to get coffee and some last minute items at the grocery store.  It was a pretty easy menu, and most everything was ready by the time everyone arrived: Grandma Doris’s Ham, Strawberry-Spinach Salad, Mushroom Scrambled Eggs, Rustic Bread, Spicy Potatoes, Banana Pancakes, and plenty of fruit.  The sunshine was invigorating, the food delicious, and the company surprisingly pleasant (hee hee). It was nice to feel like a family again – it has been a while since we were all together.

Wheat Grass (from the Garden Center) with flowers in tube picks


Then it was down to the lake for fishing, remote control boating, rowing, and just hanging out.  Ellie, of course, had to change into something more appropriate for boating…

Daddy let her go without her life jacket. Hmmmm...

Next we watched Victor and Calixto plow the garden plot….well….sort of.  They had borrowed our neighbor’s tractor and rototiller that hadn’t been used in 6 years. What that interprets to is 30 minutes of plowing followed by 2 hours of trying to fix the damn thing only to find out that a chain had snapped and needed to be replaced.  That meant that Jeffrey had to run to the farm and tractor shop to pick up $90 worth of chain so that they could then spend another 2 hours trying to get the new chain to work.  Aaah, the joys of farm life.

I think Jeffrey was being helpful here! 🙂

They finally got it working!

Next was some play time with our favorite toys we’ve ever had here at DPF: The AR.Drone.  I had given one to Jeffrey for his birthday, and we have had so much fun with it, that Colin was also a lucky receiver of the gift.  With two of them going, it was a blast. They’re such cool things!

*photo by Jake*

Ellie watched on all while continually applying chapstick to her entire face! 🙂

The day, however, ended with a bang – and a pretty brutal boo-boo. As we were about to head back to the house, Ellie decided to do some exploring around Jeffrey’s gym in the shop.  Wondering what the big round circles were that hung about two feet off the ground, she decided to pull one down.  I saw her just as she reached for the 25 pound weight.  It happened so fast.  She lay there on the ground, not crying, but definitely in shock.  The disk had landed directly on her left foot.  A second after I flipped the disk off her foot, she let out a scream of pain, and just collapsed into my arms.  I held her tightly and tried to get her to let me look at her toes.  Her feet were so dirty from running around in flip flops, I couldn’t tell whether they were black and blue or just dirty.  We rushed up to the house, and got her into the shower (not without some chaos and incidents in between)!  She cried throughout the shower, unable to stand or put weight on her purple toes.  Poor baby.  Her foot is still pretty swollen and sensitive today, although after dinner I did see her standing on her tiptoes at the counter.  We have an appointment tomorrow to have the doctor check it out – I’m hoping we’ll just have to “watch it”.

So there’s our Easter 2011, in a nutshell….or should I say “egg shell.”  Oh boy, I think I spent too much time with Colin yesterday.


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  1. http://deerparkfarms.com/2011/04/24/easter/

    check out how colin is wearing the same thing a year later – and how Ellie’s persona carries through from almost 2 to almost 3 (years old)

  2. and for the record – AR Drones are cool – but 4×4 R/C cars are still pretty damn cool. Just far more work. R/C boats are also cool.

    Not too mention helicopters – although the flight to crash ratio is far higher.

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